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Sunanda Tharoor: The Accursed

Sunanda Tharoor             Death bodies                                         Marilyn Manroe

Sunanda Tharoor: The Accursed


My new book opens with .........She was accursed, she was accused to ruin her life and she was victim due to all of us. Great irresponsible ministers, leaders, journalists are responsible for her mysterious death. Would we save ourselves and the moral honour of our society, internal and external security of our country to behave like a Kangaroo?


Lack of Conscience Gets a Comeuppance In The Accursed:  Joyce Carol Oates's new novel book "The Accursed" opens with a scene in which Woodrow Wilson, then the president of Princeton University, refuses to speak out against a local lynching.


Congress President Sonia Gandhi and other members of her kitchen don't open their mouth on the mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar. What would do NDA Government, God knows! But one person Subramanian Swamy is giving awakening slogan “Jagte Raho.”.


Photo Sunanda’s death body

When movie goddess Marilyn Monroe’s naked body was found on her bed at her Hollywood home, it was assumed she had killed herself.  When a daughter of Kashmiri Paundit former army officer, wife of Union Minister was found on her bed in the room of 5-star hotel, it was assumed in the beginning she had killed herself.  Why did husband become angry when her wife came against the Article 370?


Dubai based controversial Sunny Varkey nearer to Tharoor and Bill Clinton presented Sunanda Pushkar to Shashi Tharoor in Dubai. Who is Sunny Varkey? What type of relation that womanizer has with mafias, IPL, ISI and India’s top politicians?

Capt with Aroosa: Sunanda did harm herself but emotionally unstable UPA leaders Ministers harmed the nation

Capt with Aroosa: Sunanda did harm herself but emotionally unstable UPA leaders Ministers harmed the nation


Here in the Sunanda’s mysterious death case main characters are Shashi Tharoor, Sunanda Pushkar and Mehr Tarar. Side characters are many as Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and her son-in-law Vadra, Former Chief Ministers of J&K Ghulam Nabi Azad, Omar Abdullah, Sunny Varkey and others.


When a normal person such as Sunanda Pushkar became mentally unstable she harmed herself his husband Shashi and son Shiv Menon closest to her.


When the rulers of the country Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Union Ministers Shashi Tharoor, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief Ministers Capt Amrinder Singh, Omar Abdullha of J&K and their supporters became emotionally unstable, they harmed the entire nation. They punished themselves also which we saw in the defeat of UPA and victory of BJP on May 16, 2014.


Romance in Dubai then tweets, wanted marriage fourth time with Mehr Tarar as deceived Canadian wife Christa Giles for Sunanda. Though, Tharoor could not get new wife ISI agent by fourth time marriage, but his that plan took the life of his wife Sunanda.


Sunanda did harm herself but UPA Govt’s Ministers and Congress harmed the nation.


Capt love Aroosa

Why did Capt love Aroosa mother of Pak Singer? Who was mistress of Yahya? Why J.A. Bhutto house arrested her? Why import of leadership and love? Then why murder of kavita Madhumita Payal Jessica?


We have heard about the love affairs of Pt Nehru with Lady Mountbatten. Rahul Gandhi followed him to make Columbian and other girl friends. Rajiv Gandhi brought his wife from Italian village. For the time being he is Rahul Baba (Saint) in roadshows. We love who love foreign or of foreign.


Former CM of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur is Member Parliament from Patiala and Natwar Singh is his brother in law (Bahnoi) as Lalu of Sadhu yadav. Amarinder Singh in Chandigarh on Monday denied the reports of affair but refused to take legal action against the newspapers.


Imported dogs are most wanted by celebrities and r VIPs. Congress yuva turk MPs are foreign return. Globalization of marriages are common. There are so many other globalized race. Pune Race course horse of Rs 35,000 crores followed Q and Gandhis comapany owned Bofors kickback at Swiss Bank. Even Congress wants globalization of  PM and President post .

In the Newsline, columnist Ayesha Javed Akram has given the story of Rani General in an interesting way. Bio data of Aroosa Alam has been given in Indian media also especially by punjabnewsline in 2007.


Aroosa Alam

Aroosa nipped all efforts at contact with her mother in the bud, claiming that not only was General Rani far too unwell to entertain visitors, but also, her brothers were completely against their mother appearing in the press. "My mother has been hurt sufficiently by the media already; we don't want her private life exploited any further," stated a stern Aroosa.


Aroosa, same like her mother also got successful in making relationship with the big guns of Pakistan. She allured Hamid Nasir Chatha, a Jat politician from Guranwala district and had made close contacts with him.

She started her carrier from a daily Muslim first ever-English newspaper from capital Islamabad. She worked on defence matters and diplomatic issues also.She also worked for Weekly Hurrmat Urdu as a diplomatic correspondent. Now adays, she is working for Daily Pakistan Observer Islamabad. 


The owner of the paper Zahid Malik has close contact with Dr Qadeer Khan, Pakistan’s nuclear man, amous Dr Qadeer Khan father of Pakistan’s Atomic bomb. Dr. Khan has been house arrested these days.She joined SAFMA, a media NGO working in India -Pakistan and other SAARC countries after that she was elected senior Vice president of Rawalpindi Islamabad Press Club.


She had good relations with the then Indian Ambassador in Pakistan, Shiv Shankar Menon and due to the influence with Menon; she got a multi entry special visa of India. That is a rare privilege for a Pakistani journalist.  Menon is now secretary foreign affairs of India. 


She was also the member of that delegation which visited Srinagar last year that was first ever visiting of Pakistani journalists in Srinagar. She was a member of President Mushraff entourage that visited USA last year.

Both sides of the borders, SAFMA members have been considered suspicious links with hostile and archrival intelligence communities of India and Pakistan. Asoora reportedly has close ties with top brass of ISI, a source in Lahore said.


Like her mother, Aroosa had a way with men; and having lived in Islamabad, she had come to know quite a few men of power. So in the Eighties she launched on a career: she would write up stories she had learnt from her friends in the government, mostly army generals, and splash them in newspapers. She started in The Muslim, and later on graduated to Pakistan Observer.


One of her most sensational stories related to Brigadier Andrew Durcan of Gordon Highlanders, nicknamed Tartan Barrel on account of his girth, who was military attaché in the British high commission in Islamabad till two years ago. She revealed, without naming any names, that he was intimate with a woman in the Institute of Strategic Studies, and that they had been meeting in Islamabad and England. She was not very explicit about who was spying on whom. But the director of the Institute issued vehement denials, which gave the story even more publicity, and the British government recalled Durcan for having had an improper relationship.


Some federal ministers and high profile officials in Pakistan have been giving interesting comments on this issue. According to reports being published in Pak papers,a  Pakistani foreign senior official declared the wedding as 38th CBMs between India and Pakistan.


During last three months, Asoora has bought a house worth Rs. 7 crores, the sources said. She reportdly came in touch with Amarinder Singh during the last two years and perhaps the meeting of both led to friendship. The sources said that she had visited Punjab during the election campaign. Presently she is reportedly staying in a guest house of a leading private insurance company in Delhi.


The sources said that Amarinder might not have married Asoora but their relationship was known well in top level political and media circle of India and Pakistan.  The sources claimed that that Amarinder Singh had gifted her a house in Islamabad that was bought by Aroosa recently.


Fakhr-e-Alam Pop Singer

Aroosa Alam married and had a son in 1976, Fakhr-e-Alam, who became more famous than her. At the age of 17, he launched a rap-bhangra-pop single entitled “Bhangra Pao”, and burst upon the musical firmament of Pakistan. Later he also starred in a Lollywood film, Very Good Duniya, Very Bad Loag,opposite Nirma (no, not our washing soap; she is a Lahory star). Nowadays he hosts a chat show entitled Bolain Kya Baat Hai.


Akleen Akhtar allias Rani General

Akleen Akhtar allias Rani General was born in Gujaral the city in Pakistan. She was married many times older policeman, and bore him six children. Then finally she rebelled. Once, when they were on a holiday in Murree, she threw off her burqa and told him she had had enough — that she was going to live her own life. He was beaten by her brutally.


Having been married off at an early age, she had not acquired any skills that might support an independent career. But she used to go frequently to clubs with her husband, and while they drank, she would find a chair close to the men’s toilet. That way she had come to know many rich and powerful men. She was also familiar with their basic needs, besides drink.


She was determined to beat men at their own game ‘Miyan ki juti miyan ke sir’.

(1) Having been married off at an early age, she had not acquired any skills that might support an independent career. But she used to go frequently to clubs with her husband who was in police, and while they drank, she would find a chair close to the men’s toilet. She had been observing men in positions of power throughout her married life and she had realised that all men in positions of power needed a vent and the vent they require the most is a bedmate provided through a reliable agency: The higher a man's position, the greater his demand.


General Yahya Khan was proceeding there one evening to do when he encountered a Akleen Akhtar sitting on a sofa on the way. That was the time when god gifted them for each other in future course.


(2) She knew that dumb dolls who come with no strings attached are a universal failing of men in power. After her marriage collapsed and she had to find the ways to support herself and her children, She decided to become the provider of such girls to men in need.


General Yahya khan was for her ‘Agha Jani’ and for General Yahya she was Rani General. One time Agha Jani wanted gift of super singer actress of Lollywood  of that time Noor Jahan. went from Islamabad to Lahore, phoned Noor Jehan, and acquainted her with the lay of the land. Soon Yahya Khan and Noor Jehan were seen so often together that they became the pepper in the gossip mill of Pakistan. Akleen had Yahya Khan in her debt.


This and other favours made many powerful men indebted to Akleen; there was nothing she could not get done. Soon she came to be known as Rani General; she called Yahya Khan Agha Jani. She attracted not only men who had an insatiable urge for gratification, but also men who wanted something out of powerful men. Even Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Ghulam Mustapha Kar frequented her drawing room.


It looks as if she did not give Bhutto what he wanted. When he became prime minister, he put her under house arrest, and had her telephone disconnected. So after the Seventies, the influence of Rani General declined.



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