50 lakh people in Chhattisgarh have done mass yoga: Nitish eyeing to patch – up BJP after tussle with Lalu

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Benami Properties of Lalu family attached: GST launch at midnight: Whole world for yoga, Nitish opposes !

Benami Properties of Lalu family, IT attached, GST launch at midnight, Whole world for yoga, Nitish opposes yoga day, Parliament sits in midnight, PM Modi in Lucknow, Trump on Pakistan, Dalit Presidents, Ramnath Kovind, Masood Azhar, China

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GST roll-out on July 1, confirms Jaitley : Rajnikant gives 1 cr to Farmers: FIR by EC against Tamilnadu CM

GST on July 1, Arun Jaitley, Rajnikant, Jai Jawan Jai kisan, Akshay Kumar, FIR by EC , FIR against Tamilnadu CM, Bharat in Hockey Final, Martyr Feroze Ahmed, Poem viral, Gorkhaland, Advani poster for Presidentship, Mally-Vadra at Oval Cricket

Who is the foremost in the survey for presidential candidate? What Bhagwat Pranab meet says?

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Survey for presidential candidate, Bhagwat Pranab meet, Jammu Kashmir, Army chief Rawat, CM Raman with broom, Modi in Kochi Keral, Metro man, Sushma,Advani, Jaitley, Cricket satta, Virat Kohli, RSS, Balasaheb Deoras, Jansangh, BJP, AAP, Congress

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