PM Modi trying India’s entry in NSG to fill the Sin-Pit of Nehru

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China’s betrayal is aimed to hinder India’s uranium supply to some extent and access to latest nuclear technology; deny India seat in the nuclear trade group including export of nuclear components by India; deny India the right to build its case for a UNSC seat as an NSG member; give a royal snub to America who was fully supporting India’s NSG membership and exhorting other members to do so; demonstrate to the world China’s clout as an emerging “Great Power”, moulding global opinions.


Congress targets Modi over NSG issue to hide the sin of Nehru


Congress today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to realise that diplomacy needs “depth and seriousness and not public tamasha”. We should ask Congress: Why did Nehru turn down offer to India a permanent seat in the UN … Loh Purush Patel was against the policy of Nehru towards China and …Who gifted PoK to Pakistan?




“Not only would we have tested the nuclear device first in Asia, before China, but it would have deterred China from launching its war of 1962 and even imparted a note of caution to Pakistan’s plans for war in 1965,” said Rasgotra, while speaking at the release of his new book A Life in Diplomacy at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF). The book was formally released by former External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha.



According to former Foreign Secretary Maharajakrishna Rasgotra, if Nehru had accepted the offer of Kennedy, fifty years later India would not have to make desperate attempts and struggle to seek an entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). US President John F Kennedy had offered India the chance to develop and detonate a nuclear device much before China’s test in 1964.


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