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  Sanjay Dutt vs Joint Mechanism and Dr. Haneef
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Sanjay Dutt Dr. Haneef Criminal Terrorist 1993 Bollywood Underworld PM Manmohan Fake Secular Bagula bhagat Fair share in crime Religious head counts Communal face Converion Gandhigiri UPA Left Thackeray; tag this


If Sanjay Dutt can be jailed then why should not the same punishment to the inventor of Joint Mechanism and Dr. Haneef? And why should not human right groups, fake seculars, appeasement policy adopters be jailed? Terrorists found the bungalow of Dutt safe heaven to hide weapons. The criminals, terrorists and their local supporters hide themselves behind the leadership of vote bank politicians. What is the difference?



In fact, we’re all criminals

There are plenty of good people who are criminals. In fact, we’re all criminals, as Ayn Rand said a long time ago: The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. - Ayn Rand


What happen with Sanjay Dutt in 1993?

Friendship with terrorists and criminals bear Sanjay Dutt costly. I read somewhere:

Sanjay Dutt Dr. Haneef Criminal Terrorist 1993 Bollywood Underworld

When you have friends they make you do stuff for them Once you are friends with somebody you're stuck with them even if you absolutely hate each other you can't get rid of them easily because you're friends. You have to fight, argue, cry, bitch and then live through the aftermath of people hating you and gossiping about you all because at one unguarded stage in your life you decided to be friends with somebody.

And what does friendship do for you anyway? It strips you of your independence. You no longer rely on yourself, for comfort, you rely on friends. Friends force you to cling onto them like a child unable to face the world alone.

Criminal friends take, take, and take as under world dons takes from the bollywood. Criminal friends give, give, and give as they give weapons for 1993 lasts to the Sanjay Dutt.


Cloth band on the eyes

There is no cloth band on my eyes as shown in the court seen of film. I am male not female. Further I am not Gandhari who wrapped cloth band on her eyes due to the blindness of her husband Dhritrashtra. Here I am not giving clean chit to Sanjay Dutt. I am not mad as fans of hero and heroines or as the white haired blind followers of foreign body language. My simple question is why should be difference between PM, Dr.Haneef and Sanjay Dutt? If we the people not in chains or handcuffs then why should not we stand up to condemn such differentiation?

Is making a terrorist friend crime?

Crime is crime. Please let me know what is the difference between Sanjay Dutt’s crime and the crimes, which I mentioned above. Sanjay Dutt had friendship with the terrorist. Dr. Haneef is also a friend and relative of the accused in Glasgow terror plot. Manmohan has also friendship with the villain of Kargil. So-called secular leaders have also friendship with the criminals, terrorists and their supporters. We are citizens of free India. We are not child. We can make friend to any one. Is this crime?

Bagula bhagat vs frank

Sanjy Dutt had hided AK-47 and other weapons. Did he use them? Dr Kafeel also gave mobile chips etc to the accused in Glasgow terror plot but he himself did not use them for that. Fake secular leaders, vote bank politicians give all types of help to the terrorists, criminals and under world but they never involve themselves directly in those activities. They walk as ‘bagula bhagat: jara hatke jara bachke’. . PM Manmohan Singh included tainted ministers in his cabinet. We choose a wonderful woman as the President. If these are not crime then why should Sanjay Dutt be punished?

Is crime or terrorism also secular or non-secular?

Congress spokesperson, Rajya Sabha Member and Supreme Court Advocate Abhishek Singhvi called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. He divided police also in secular and non-secular. Whey there should not be free walk for Sanjay Dutt as Dr. Haneef and fake secular leaders and ministers? Why there should not be healing touch for Sanjay Dutt as the healing touch is going on for Dr. Haneef?

Is there should be fair share in crime and terrorism also?

Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi both wanted fair share as per religion in security forces and the army. Secular government formed Sachchar Committee to religious head counts every field and its recommendations to divide India. Minority Minister Antuley announced as PM that Sachchar’s report would be followed word to word. PDP allies of Congress, wants removal of army instead of terrorists from the Kashmir. Are army and police of J&K communal?  Political leaders as bureaucrats are trying for getting fair share in corruption. Is there should be a fair share in crime and terrorism also?

Sanjay Dutt is now alone

Sanjay Dutt was not alone when his father late Sunil Dutt was alive. He was a minister in the Congress led government. Bal Thackeray has good relation with him. Thackeray, present day Hindu Hriday Samrat supported him as he supported now Pratibha Patil. Now Sanjay is alone. In India to day Ganges is flowing in opposite direction. No hearing of Hindus who are in majority but thee is prompt hearing of minority in the fake secular democratic court. So Sanjay Dutt can’t walk freely as Dr. Haneef.


Communal face of Secularism

So called fake seculars and vote bank politicians are also not lesser criminal or terrorists. But they gripped power by unholy fraudulent means in the name of secularism. So inventor of joint mechanism and foreign born who are giving blessing to conversion are free. This is the unholy undemocratic communal face of secularism. Governor of Gujarat wants to be the President after five years. So he followed the path of Pratibha Patil former governor of Rajasthan to send back the bill passed by Gujarat Assemble for blocking forceful conversion. Why does All India Congress not change its name? Why does it not adopt its name as All Italian Congress or All Christian Congress?


Sanjay Dutt with folded hands

Sanjay Dutt had gone to the witness box with folded hands and sought permission to speak in the court.

“Sir, I made a mistake 14 years ago. Please give me some time to surrender,” pleaded the actor who turned 48 this past Sunday.

When the court took up the plea later, Dutt told the Judge: “I am very tired, Sir. I just need your blessings.”

“Don’t get perturbed, for you have many years to go and work like the ‘Mackenna’s Gold’ actor Gregory Peck,” Mr. Kode told the Bollywood star in an informal conversation that lasted almos.


What type of Gandhigiri is this?

UPA government and Left have no regret. UPA-Left so-called seculars are doing more crime than Dutt. Sanjay Dutt only hided weapons but these so called seculars hide terrorism for votes. They are flourishing terrorism and anti-national elements. Sanjay Dut got 6 years. How many years of jail should be for these power grabbers Anti-Indian-ness selfish leaders? They could not sleep when Dr. Haneef was in the prison of Australia.


Haneef may have known about UK plots: Minister

Melbourne: Chatroom conversations Mohammed Haneef had with his brother suggest that the Indian doctor may have had prior knowledge of the botched terror plot in the UK, Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said today.

Andrews detailed what he said was intelligence information gleaned from chatroom conversations that Haneef had with his brother in India to back his decision to cancel the doctor's working visa.

"Importantly, there was a computer room conversation, a chatroom conversation, with Dr Haneef's brother in India on the afternoon before his attempted hasty departure from Australia," he said.














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