Siddaramaiah managed to be kissed by young lady in public to follow Gauhati woman who kissed Rahul

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Karnatak Chief Minister of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress Siddaramaiah managed to be kissed in public by a young lady closed to him to follow Assam Guwahati woman who kissed Rahul Gandhi? So no question that lady leaved her CM Siddaramaiah embarrassed as media high lighted.




A kiss on the cheek, another on his head – it was a reception that Rahul Gandhi in Guwahati by group of 600 women. That kiss became the reason for FIR against Rahul Baba and quarrel between the woman and her husband.



Kissing on the cheek of Siddaramaiah was caught on camera. In the video, the woman is seen kissing Siddaramaiah on stage during a state-level program of Kuruba Community, leaving all surprised.



Girija Srinivas 32, a panchayat member from Chikmagalur district from where Indira Gandhi had contested, after the Chief Minister felicitated her at the programme organised by the Kuruba community. The Chief Minister hails from Kuruba community.



Girija, dressed in a bright blue saree and jasmine adorning her plait, and a few others posed for a group photo with Siddaramaiah





After the photo session, Girija looked at Siddaramaiah, pulled his head gently towards her and kissed him. And, the chief minister was seen holding her head. The incident left the audience speechless. Later, she swiftly left the dais with a big smile on her face.



I kissed him to ward off evil effect of eyes on him. Let Male Mahadeshwara protect him.” Reacting to it, Siddaramaiah said “She is like my daughter.”





What made Girija gush the way she did? For this, she happily said: “It was my long time dream to meet Siddaramaiah. He is like Appaji (father) to me. I used to see him waiving at public during election campaigns. There were comments on WhatsApp whether “Kiss Bhagya for the CM was the result of kaage (crow) sitting on his official SUV.”