Save Chawla, Q, MF, Afzal: Arrest Pro-Hindu Editor

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress Kaa haath

Is MF Hussain ambassador of Gandhis Govt abroad as Quattrocchi?

Congress CM of J & K initiated the move to save Afzal.

Now Law Ministry comes to EC Chawla's rescue. Sethusamudram project is a threat to national security. But it is the duty of navy to manage this for continuing the Sethu Project.




Sher Agrawal finds the newsreport:

Editor of Pro-Hindu newspaper ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ is arrested on Feb 1, 2008.  The police were acting on a complaint by someone in Miraj claiming that Sanatan's newspaper special edition on the occasion of the Indian Republic Day (26th January) published a word 'dhedgujari' used in a comment of H. H. Kateswamiji. The complaint claimed that the word is hurtful to certain communities. It is interesting that this is a commonly used word that means, "mindless mixture", and does not have any communal connotations.


It seems the police did not even produce an FIR of the complaint, which they are supposed to do (a basic constitutional right of any Indian to be arrested.) When questioned, the police themselves did not know the meaning of the word and even said that they do not find it offensive.

It is sad that the police in India have yet to take any action against M. F. Husain, despite there being 100s of FIRs (complaints lodged with the police) filed by Hindus and several court cases pending over his paintings denigrating our revered Deities. Yet, the police were prompt to come with a large retinue (as if to arrest some infamous criminal) to arrest the Editor of a newspaper that tells nothing but the Truth by the blessings of Saints.

India should go on the path of Pakistan. After all Pakistan is the brother of India. Sonia led UPA Govt should follow Mush. What is the difference between sister and brother? Army, ISI, Democracy, Judiciary all are in Mush-Mutthi (In Musharraf’s hand). Like that Defense Minister Antony, Minister of Culture, CBI, Election Commissioner etc. should be loyal to 10 Janpath.

If Musharraf can follow Indira Gandhi to impose emergency on Pakistan then how would Sonia Gandhi not follow her mother-in-law?

The Supreme Court had said it was open to the CEC to initiate proceedings for the removal of the EC on the basis of any representation made against him. So, Jaswant Singh withdrew his PIL against the Navin Chawla. After that BJP approached Chief Election Commissioner with the signature of 180 MPs for the removal of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla.

Govt says: “CEC is not empowered to initiate proceedings for the removal of the EC. It was the business of the government, Centre had said. If Chief Election Commissioner do this then the Govt will cut the wing of Chief Election Commissioner to remove the Chief’ word in the dictionary of Election Office.

Is Navin Chawla not Christian World fame to write her autograph? Has he not supported with both hands the emergency of indira Gandhi? Has he not 10 janpath loyalist? Has he not made for this loyalty Election Commissioner in present golden rule of UPA? Will he not conduct 2009 General Election as a Chief Election Commissioner? If yes then why has not friendly foolish BJP with impartial Navin Chawla. Should Hindus and Hindu org be sunk in the sea?

Naveen Chawla became Election Commissioner due to his loyalty towards 10 Janpath. Navin Chawla remained villain in Emergency period as Musharraf a villain of Kargil. Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma

Sonia is capturing every institution of India. After Defense Ministry to her loyalist Antony, Cultural Ministry is given to her girl friend Christian Ambika Soni to ruin Ram Sethu with the support of Shipping Minister Baalu.

A week after Naval Chief Suresh Mehta said the project may be unviable for big ships, Coast Guard Director General R F Contractor told a press conference that "when something big is happening in that area like all along the coastline ships are transiting..., so there are security threats." Ram Setu means Security of India

But Government says Navy and Coast Guard duty is to manage the threat. Duty of left supported Congress led UPA government is to pose threat on the security of India and Indian people.

So, the Navy admitted on Friday that there were security concerns in the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal project, but said the country should not bow before any threat and instead go ahead with such 'good and viable' initiatives.

There would be a move to save navin Chawla as there were moves to save Quattrocchi and Afzal:

Save Quattrochi Move

Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress Kaa haath

Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi


Save Afzal move

Laine’s crime on Shivaji: Afzal Khan Vs Afzal


Politicians hide truth of Noida. Now Minister Bhuria moved to save serial killers of MP. So think what would be the fate of Kidney racket which is a talk of this week.

After Afzal: save serial killers of Ratlam move by Union Minister


Why should girlfriend not be of Dr. Horror?

French President Sarkozy can make girl friend to Brunei. Rahul Gandhi can make Columbian and Spanish girlfriends. Then what is harm if Dr Amit makes girlfriend? These are personal matters. Why should girlfriend be quizzed?

Gandharv Marriage in Bollywood and Politics



As the multi-crore kidney racket case continues to grow sinister and bigger, the police are speeding up investigations to arrest the absconding kingpin, Dr Amit. Bulbul Kataria, a former beauty queen and Dr Amit’s alleged ‘friend’, will be interrogated on Feb 2.

Kataria, now claiming to be an insurance agent, revealed in a TV interview that she knew Dr Amit ‘professionally’. Kataria said that Amit offered her lavish gifts and expensive cars like Mercedes and Honda City. He also was ready to extend financial help to her.

The Gurgaon-police has also revealed that the racket was far more widespread than previously believed and Amit's Greek girl friend was the tout for international deals.

It is generally said that woman is behind the success of a man. Kidney racket is an example to explain that woman is also behind the success of a criminal.














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