Trump accuses Clinton? Illegal donation by Sonia-Cong & Co to Clinton – Cash via Amar Singh?

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Trump accuses Clinton, Illegal donation, Sonia-Cong & Co, Clinton – Cash, Via Amar Singh, Peter Schweizer

Donald Trump accuses Clinton Foundation of receiving illegal funds from Amar Singh

Republican Party presumptive nominee Donald Trump has accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s family related  Clinton Foundation of receiving funds in 2008 from controversial Indian politician Amar Singh in exchange for support for the Indo-U.S. nuclear accord.

Released by the Trump campaign in form of a 35-page booklet, none of these allegations are new and have been known in the public domain. Clinton had refuted these allegations  in the past.

Citing a New York Times report, the Trump campaign alleged that as early as 2008, Indian politician Amar Singh had donated between USD 1,000,001 and USD 5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

“Amar Singh visited the US in September 2008 to lobby or a deal allowing India to obtain civilian nuclear technology; then-Senator Clinton assured him democrats would not block the deal,” the Trump alleged.

“Indian politician Amar Singh, who had donated at least $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, met with Hillary Clinton in September 2008 to discuss an India-U.S. civil nuclear agreement,” Trump campaign said. It means to lobby or a deal allowing India to obtain civilian nuclear technology; then-Senator Clinton assured him democrats would not block the deal

It said in 2008 the Confederation of Indian Industry gave USD 500,000 to USD 1 million to the Clinton Foundation. It also alleged that Indian-American Raj Fernando was appointed to the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board by Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills at her “insistence”. Fernando, he alleged, has donated between USD 1 million and USD 5 million to the Clinton Foundation.


“In 1998 the Indian government conducted nuclear tests, Bill Clinton imposed restrictions on the export of U.S. nuclear technology, because this violated the non-proliferation treaty — Hillary Clinton supported that position,” Schweizer said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” outlining the chapter. “In 2005, the Indian government wanted those restrictions lifted. Hillary Clinton at that time supported a killer amendment to stop that from happening. After 2005, a number of Indian interests, including an Indian politician that admits now that his donation to the Clinton Foundation wasn’t even his money, those donations flowed. In 2008, she reverses course and supports the export of U.S. nuclear technology.”

Schweizer writes in the chapter that in 2006, “Hillary was still a reluctant and questionable supporter of the bill.” But in June of that year Clinton, a founding member of the Senate India caucus, issued a press release announcing her intention to vote for the legislation and praising Sens. Richard Lugar and Joe Biden, who she said improved upon the Bush administration’s initial proposal.

“As India continues to grow stronger and to shoulder more of the responsibilities that come with being a leading nation in the world, we must continue to work towards greater cooperation with our Indian friends to deal with our common challenges in security, energy, economics and health,” Hillry Clinton  wrote. “I hope that this agreement is just the first step on that journey that our countries, and our people, will take together.”

Hillary Clinton voted against the “killer amendment” introduced by Bingaman.








Implying that a group of influential Indians directed money and attention to the Clintons in order to get them to support the nuclear deal, the book details the activities of Sant Chatwal, the New York hotelier who in December was sentenced to three years probation for his campaign finance violations.

As alleged Chatwal helped arrange one of Bill Clinton’s most lucrative public speeches — a $450,000 affair in London — and one time said, “Even my close friend Hillary Clinton was not in favor of the deal [in 2006] … But when I put the whole package together, she also came on board. … In politics nothing comes free. You have to write cheques in the American political system.”

Peter Schweizer writes that Chatwal arranged a dinner for Clinton in 2007 featuring Indian billionaires who soon thereafter donated to the Clinton Foundation, and that Chatwal played a large role in steering other money toward the Clintons. The Indian government gave him one of the country’s highest civilian honors in 2010.


Is there any link of illgal donation fraud with Sunanda case? May refer my book chapt-11 :




Peter Schweizer’s book, ‘Clinton Cash’ exposed Hillary Clinton with illegal Ind donation: She changed her position on a 2008 nuclear agreement between the United States and India after Indian business and government interests flooded various Clinton enterprises with cash The chapter, titled “Indian Nukes: How to Win a Medal by Changing Hillary’s Mind,” diclosed a series of donations and overtures from Indians who supported the nuclear deal to the Clintons, and points to one case of an Indian-American Clinton donor — who in April 2014 pleaded guilty in an illegal contribution scheme for Clinton’s 2008 run — receiving an award from the Indian government for his work in securing the agreement.