Indira Amma? Operation Black revealed the pole of corrupt officials, the ration of poor in Black Market

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Indira Amma? Operation Black revealed the pole of corrupt officials, the ration of poor in Black Market

Indira Amma gave slogan: “Garibi hatao, Indira lao”. People gave power to rule India first to Indira to hear this slogan. From that time Congress is ruling India except five years of NDA rule. Even that Congress removes the poor instead of poverty. Sonia Gandhi did nothing for poor in her rule to India without accountability. Now again Congress of Sonia Gandhi makes fool to the people to give slogan of Food security scheme, which may be named “Indira Amma”!

Scheme of the Government engaged in the black market till today unveils the mite. The scheme is such that the amount, type in the number you will be counting numbers. One lakh 25 thousand crore twenty lakh crore food safety plan, which the government is treating its greatest success. But this scheme is put in front of the black true till today.


Stomach Cutter Vote Dacoit Congress: FSB Ordinance vs Telangana Bill

Conspiracy: Ordinance on FSB in hurry: to cut stomach of poor. No bill on Telangana in coming session There is no UPA. UPA allies are in coma due to CBI. It is Congress government. And it is run by the Sonia Gandhi without accountability. Middleman MMS is king of caged parrots.


Aajtak unveils the mite dripping of the Government’s biggest scheme. The amount of the scheme is such big as you can’t count the stars of sky and the hair of the head. This food security plan of Rs. one lakh twenty five thousand crore, is being publicized by the Government its greatest success. But Aajtak placed the black truth of this plan before the people.


Eliminate poverty and hunger will be eradicated in the country has become law with slogans such as wheat 2 rupee Rice 3 kg have been announced parliament to streets by the government saying Rs one lakh twenty five thousand would be spent and that would be transported house to house of the poor.


The questions arise:

# Are poor getting wheat at Rs 2 really?

# Is rice of Rs 3 per kg going into the empty stomachs of poor?

# Are the ration shops erase their appetite?

# Is wheat lying in the warehouses reaching up to the poor?


For getting the answer to these questions – certainly did not need to go into the hinterland of the country. No need to go much farther. The parliament which declared the food security law (bill), only five kilometers distance from the Parliament in Delhi’s Mayapuri law is looking flying apart. Food Corporation of India in Mayapuri warehouse is the largest of the FCI.


FCI is one of the largest warehouses in Mayapuri warehouse. The countless grain filled trucks daily go to the ration shops and and from the same ration shops wheat of Rs 2 and rice of Rs 3, reach to the poor. But you well know the truth of this now through Aajtak’s blackout sting.  


The operation of the Aaj Tak Black has exposed the government plan of billions of dollars. Every sordid picture of the corruption of officials and traders has been exposed. Operation Black has revealed how playing havoc with the poor of the country is going on.


One and a quarter billion people of this country don’t live in hungry, the Government made a scheme of Rs quarter billion million. This also became the law in parliament also. But a few kilometers away from the parliament are last tatters of the law. Yes, under the nose of the government and in Delhi, rations of poor public are in the black market at that too seven times high the price.


FCI is the largest warehouse in Delhi’s Mayapuri area. The government rations of wheat for the distribution among poor are stored in the warehouse. Officers and staff of Delhi food and supplies minister Haroon Yusuf are the keepers of this stored wheat of serving to the poor. Thousands tons of wheat of poor should not reach to the brokers instead of poor; ponderous enforcement team too is monitoring. Arrangements are thorough so that not cheating or even rupee one not happens. But if king himself begin to steal then tell justice have which home to go?


Through from its own sources Aajtak finds out thousands tonnes wheat of poor instead of reaching from Mayapuri FCI storage to the ration shops is reaching to the big flour mills of Delhi. In this game of crores of rupees, police, officers and traders nexus is working. Aajtak followed the trucks of ration leaving the Mayapuri FCI Storage.


Truck bearing No. DL 1M 1475 left the FCI godown for the destination to the ration shops, but truck changed its course midway. This truck turned from Shakti Nagar area of ??West Delhi to wards the Lawrence Road where the country’s largest flour mills are. Lawrence Road truck stopped near a large flour mill and started to unload sacks of wheat. Sacks of wheat rations for the poor instead of the ration shops reached to the golden floor mills.


One truck DL 1GB 4035 crushing the country’s official rationing system had come out from the FCI warehouse. But this truck also changed its destination in the midway and reached to the same private flour mill. One more another truck DL 1G B 3953 coming out from FCI changed its way in the mid road and went straight to Lawrence Road.


Govt Records of all these trucks had to feed the stomachs of poor, but the truth is that these trucks bite the stomachs of the poor, are derived from government warehouse only. It is shameful that the wheat of poor is going to black market in the road. Wheat at Rs 2 of poor is turned in to Rs 12 between the road and is reaching in private flour mills.


Examining of Aajtak was going on, the truck’s owner Sharma nervously reached up to the spot. Sharmaji has the business of transporting. Most of ration of FCI godown has to reach the ration shops by of this transport and KTC code word for PDS wheat supply  is written in its every truck.


Most of the trucks are belong to Sharmaji. Specific sign has endorsed on the trucks of him so these would not be caught in the way. All trucks are running in the name of KTC and this is the sign of these trucks introduction. This code word of Sharmaji was so effective that even none police personal can’t touch these trucks.


Sharmaji explained that the official seal was removed from the Sacks before reaching to the flour mills. He did not stop there. Sharmako told between walk to talk that not a single flour mill could run without getting the wheat of ration of the poor.


Truck number-HR 55 E 1145 FCI also come out from Mayapuri FCI godown. The truck turned and went straight from the warehouse to one flour mill of Lawrence Road. The name of this flour mill is Elephant brand four mill. All bags arrived at the mill floor elephant is stamped of the PDS. This wheat of poor had also let off at the government ration shop, but openly went down to the private flour mill.


Cheap ration Historic legislation of cheap ration is built in to the Parliament and a few miles away from the Parliament this law is openly being torn apart. The camera shows the truth and the bitter truth of detective camera. Aajtak’s intelligence camera has showed clearly the all realities of all these.


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