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  Jail to Sanjay Dutt and Acquittal to Madhani!!
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Jail to Sanjay Dutt Keral Assembly Election Issue Mumbi Coimbatore blast UDF LDF Acquittal to Madhani PDP Afzal Militant Political Sex Unholy marriage Court verdict Evidence Bollywood Greenish book Judiciary; tag this


For the sake of secularism as joint mechanism with Mush another joint mechanism of Congress and Left happened for sending Sanjay to the prison and getting acquittal of Abdul Nasser Madhani. What is the hidden agenda behind lack of sufficient evidence in Madhani case and in managing evidence against Sanjay Dutt? Will same unanimous assembly resolution of Congress and Left be passed for Sanjay as in Keral for Madhani?



Mysore Militant Malayalee: Email threat to PM

Getting acquittal of Madhani had become an election issue in Keral. UDF and LDF both want support of Madhani. Both unanimously passed resolution in Kerala Assembly in 2006 demanding release of the Coimbatore blast accused Madhani from a Tamil Nadu jail? Karunanidhi and other did their best for this. See article of Oct 28, 06: Email threat to PM’ to visit at:


Sanjay Dutt is not above the law. Is the same version for Madhani? Is Sanjay in Yerawada jail for giving real color to gandhigiri and Madhani is out for fulfilling his incomplete works? It is remarkable how Madani goes from being Muslim fundamentalist and terrorist in 2001 to secular and democratic in 2007.

Legislators in Kerala, or elsewhere, have hardly shown similar concern for the thousands of under trials packed in overcrowded jails across India. Perhaps legislators have come to believe their own bombast and see they belonging to an exceptional category.


Unholy marriage

The ruling Left Democratic Front and the opposition United Democratic Front in the Keral state, who often see eye to eye and of opposite political-sex, were happy to do political marriage on the court verdict of the acquittal of Abdul Nasser Madani, and virtually compete in singing his praises with the band drummer team. Generally we see that whenever there are two music teams at a place at a time then they compete each other. By the way marriage party members also begin to follow them.


Conspiracy behind managed evidence against Sanjay Dutt?

I am not fan of Sanjay or any actor actress. I am presenting here such suspense, which is in the mind of millions. There may be some acting and financing guns in the Bollywood who do not want Sanjay Dutt in the Bollywood film market. It may be possible that the various enemies in the film industry of Sanjay Dutt have together subscribed crores of rupees to police, political underworld or other investigating authorities as being done by the LDF and UDF combined of Keral for getting the acquittal of Madhani.

Conspiracy behind lack of sufficient evidence in Madhani case

In stark contrast, BJP leaders in the state including former Union minister O Rajagopal reacted cautiously to the verdict and opined that the administration had failed to prove the charges against Madani.

Here it is notable that among the 166 accused in the blasts that killed 58 people, special judge K Uthirapathy acquitted eight, including the Kerala-based People’s Democratic Party chairman Abdul Nazar Madhani. All the acquitted were from Kerala. If this was strange enough, the Economic Times carries a story titled “ Political poles come together to cheer Madani”


Difference in the Sanjay Dutt case and the case of Madani

In the Sanjay Dutt’s case conspiracy might be for 6 years jail for him so he could not fulfill his commitments of acting.

Opposite to the Sanjay Dutt’s matter, Left led LDF and Congress led UDF both created legal illegal democratic undemocratic atmosphere of pressure tactics for the acquittal of Madani, so he may be able to collect secular votes of fundamentalists, separatists and terrorists for the power greedy.


Similarity in Mumbai and Bangalore blasts

Even though the scale of planning and execution in the Coimbatore blasts was less in comparison to the Mumbai blasts, the investigating agencies took three years to file the charge sheet, why? The blasts in Coimbatore, a cosmopolitan industrial hub in Tamil Nadu, were no less vicious than the 1993 terror strikes in Mumbai, though, fortunately, the toll and destruction of property were less.


Who managed the acquittal of Madhani and why?

Unhappy with the acquittal of PDP chairman, Abdul Nasser Madani, in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts case, the Opposition BJP today demanded that an appeal be filed against the verdict on the “biggest terror attack in south India.” Senior BJP leader L K Advani, the then Union Home Minister, escaped only because his flight was late. The Kerala government has welcomed Madhani’s acquittal. Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan said that the Left Front’s stand on Madhani will depend on his position on various issues.

Welcome of Madhani but no words for Sanjay Dutt

Both the fronts have alternately benefited from the support of the PDP. Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan welcomed the verdict, and hoped that Madhani would take a less “adventurous” path in the coming days, while CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan expressed happiness at the release of the PDP leader.

’Our government tried to provide him medical help while in jail. Following our intervention he was provided minimum relief. His release was very important considering his deteriorating health condition,'’ said V S Achuthanandan, Chief Minister, Kerala

Opposition leader Oommen Chandy said Madani had actually not got justice, considering his imprisonment, while KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala expressed relief that he had finally been delivered justice.


Congress Left should be in Greenish book

Friendly Toga fight between LDF and UDF to deceive the people: Congress and both are join hands in the center and for the pious cause of giving heaaling touch SIMI, Madani and jehadi seculars as the same secular welcome is giving to Dr. Haneef by the CM of Karnatak. Though Left and Congress both wrestles each other in the Kearal at the time of election. Is this ‘nonk jhonk’ of husband and wife?


Dark is the nation and insane the king

LDF and UDF both tear for Afzal & worked for the release of Madhani: The move comes in the wake of an e-mail threat by Akbar Raj from a Kochi cyber café to president and PM (AFP via Yahoo! News) and Microsoft did the investigation of e-mail threat sent through 20 top police officers. Akbar Raj threatened PM and mentioned in emails for the release of the Parliament attacker Afzal and Kerala’s PDP leader Madhani.

CPM and most leaders of Congress including CM of J & K Gulam of Afzal weep for Afzal. In Kerala, UDF and LDF both seek the release of PDP leader, Abdul Nasser Madhani.


Architect of CPI (M) Namboodiri pad had attacked

The Madani case also exposed a double standard of our political class. Senior politicians in Kerala campaigned for his release. Was this not a clear interference in the working of a separate branch of government — the judiciary?

When the Chief Minister of Kerala publicly proclaimed that "Marx and Engels considered the judiciary as an instrument of oppression and even continues to be so," he was charged with contempt of court in the case reported as E.M.S.Namboodiri pad v. T.N. Nambiar, AIR 1970 Supreme Court 2015

The Chief Minister had also alleged that "judges are guided and dominated by class hatred, class interests and class prejudices and where the evidence is balanced between a well-dressed, pot-bellied rich man and a poor, ill-dressed and illiterate person, the judge instinctively favours the former."

Reasoning that "the likely effects of his words must be seen and they have clearly the effect of lowering the prestige of judges and courts in the eyes of the people...," the Supreme Court of India ruled that "...there is not a semblance of doubt in our minds that the appellant was guilty of contempt of court." The possibility that the Chief Minister's charge had any grain of truth did not receive consideration by the court, since truth is not a defence when proceeded against for contempt.














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