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  1. Arunachal speaker, Tuky, Global Islamic Jihad, Zakir Naik, MEA, IT companies, Margaret Alva, Salman Sultan, Nice terror attack, Sensex, Mhr Tarar, Hafiz Saeed

    newsanalysisindia Retweeted newsanalysisindia : SC order sheild for Bhasmasur-Speaker? Wont be possible to convene session of assembly tomorow’ Arunachal Speaker.

    1. newsanalysisindia Retweeted TIMES NOW   Zakir preacher of Militancy Global Islamic Jihad says he would not be returning to India this year:

      newsanalysisindia Retweeted ANI : MEA’s response to the Pakistan haven for Global Islamic Jihad…


    Indian IT companies: 9 highest-paid independent directors

    UPA insider’s damning charges, (Who helped Q to fly) attacks Sonia Gandhi

    ‘s floor test tomorrow, Governor rejects ‘s extension reques t

    Blockbuster duo! and celebrate the success of at a press conference.

    जम्मू-कश्मीर के हालात पर पाकिस्तानी कैबिनेट की स्पेशल मीटिंग पर भारतीय विदेश मंत्रालय ने दी प्रतिक्रिया।

    Notification: Rajasthan to recruit 6,468 teachers, check details here