Did Shahrukh criticisze? ‘We Will Cut All Of Your Heads Off’, US Mosque: 23 News of Aug 13, 2016

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  2. Bollywoody love jihadis? ALARMING: Who is ‘Mitthu Mian’ and why do Hindus in Pakistan fear him?

  3. Cow vigilantes should be declared terrorists: Rohith’s online diary?Why not Cong which lifted ban &Cow slaughters?

  4. Bulandshahr gangrape: Minor victim moves SC, seeks FIR against Mugle Azam Khan:

  5. :Salman Khan takes a break from shoot to meet Dalai Lama with Lulia Vantur

  6. मुझे स्वर्ण से कम कुछ नहीं चाहिये: भारतीय मुक्केबाज विकास कृष्ण

    1. Interested in Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka?

    2. Sonia Gandhi is unwell, but daughter Priyanka is not letting Cong suffer in her absence to make way for her husband?

    3. The strange story of the Nitish’s Bihar man who married mother-in-law, and has now filed for divorce:

    4. Rio Olympics, day 7 India highlights: Tennis, boxing light up: Sania, Bopanna seal semis, Vikas enters quarterfinals

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      Pakistani agency warns of Taliban attack on border: Miyan Pak ke sucide bomber Miyan ke sir?

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      Satyarthi launches campaign for youth against child labour:

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    8. Yoga guru Ramdev to visit US and Canada vs Shahrukh detained in US Airport

    9. No compromise on Kashmir, PoK is ours: PM at all-party meet:

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      “The Time has come for Pakistan to answer the world, on atrocities against ppl in &

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      Pak must hanover PoK which is the part of India:

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        Did Shahrukh criticisze? ‘We Will Cut All Of Your Heads Off’, US Mosque Threatened:

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      2. What people think Modi should speak about on Independence Day: We should convey pak talk first on PoK a part of Ind:


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