Malaysian and Indian Govt: Sanjha Chulha to burn Hinduism
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By - Premendra Agrawal



TOI reorted: the Indian government refused to meet the leader of the protesting Indian group in Malaysia Hindraf — Waytha Moorthy — on Thursday.

Is any difference between Malaysian Government and the Left supported present Indian Government?



Malysian government ruined historical Hindu Temples. UPA Govt with the support of Left on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi wants to ruin Ram Sethu. Indian Government of tolerant Hindu majority India crushes Hindus as intolerant Islamic Malaysian Govt of Majority Muslims.


Now Buddha goes Karunanidhi way on Ram to support Christian jihad against Ram.
Christian Jehad of Congress against Ram

Babri Structure was destroyed after the death of Rajiv on Dec 6, 1992. “My father telling my mother that he would have stood in front of the Masjid to protect it,”- Do Rahul and her mother say truth?

Rahul Gandhi slaps Non-Gandhi PMs

Now in their support another clone of Goebbels came forward. General Secretary of CPI (M) Prakash Karat said that the Babri structure was destroyed in the region of Narsimha Rao. In future he might say that Nandigram happened in the premiership of Buddhadeo. 

Who wants to teach Rome-ayan/ Marx-ayan/ Ravanayan instead of Ramayan? Who will burn Ram Sethu instead of Ravan’s effigy? Is acceptance of Ramdrohi Central and States Governments sin or Punya?

Should Maoist Terrorist friendly represent India in UNO?



* Abdullah was born to a prominent religious family. His father, Ahmad Badawi, was a prominent religious figure and UMNO member. Badawi's maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan

Sonia Gandhi was born to a Christian and follower of Mussolini Maino family. She is still Christian.  Due to her, Rajiv Gandhi also followed Christanity. Rajiv Gandhi's drawing room had photo of only one religious head and that was ‘Christ’. Why had he allergy with Hindu religious heads?  



* Abdullah has advocated an interpretation of Islam known as Islam Hadhari, which maintains that Islam and economic and technological development are not incompatible. Muslim majority of Malaysia is the heir of converted Last Hindu Srivijayan king of Malaysia. Now these Big Brothers crush their younger brothers Hindus in the leadership of present PM Abdullah. They ruin the historical Hindu temples there.

The head of Malaysia's Shariat Department Fauzi Mustaffar, in an email directive to office staff has asked Muslims in the country not to greet Hindus on Diwali.

Heir of converted Hindu King crushed Hindus: Malaysia

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has come to learn of several cases involving the demolition or at least partial damage of Hindu temples in Malaysia following orders by government authorities.

Gandhi dynasty is a symbol of Anti-Hinduism.

In India Hindus are politically in minority:  They are in the majority to be insulted by the foreign origins and their blind followers. Insult Hindus and get award. Here promotion is given on the basis of hate against Hindus.

Westernized Pt Nehru was still Chacha Nehru. He said that he is accidentally born as Hindu. Indira Gandhi married Phiroze Khan after that what was her religion who knows? Can present Gandhis dare to say that their forefathers were Hindus or Christians or Muslims?

Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma



* Recently (as of October 2006), former PM Mahathir accused Abdullah of having developed a habit of lying.

Sonia and her Congress party, which is giving legal bribery of false promises in the manifesto for providing wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, kerosene and television free of cost to 20 percent of the poorest of poor famili

Manifesto of Lies for empty Stomatches under BPL (below poverty line) in the state.


* Abdullah originally wished to pursue a degree in Economics but did not meet the required standard after failing his statistics paper

Gandhi dynasty is a sign of narcissistic leadership in the sheep’s clothing. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Cry Wolf Film and Narcissistic Dynasty

Falsehood of Gandhis  

Late Indian Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi falsely claimed that he was qualified Mechanical Engineer from the Cambridge University UK . Sonia Gandhi made false claim that she obtained certificate in English language from Cambridge University. Though she obtained this from a coaching Institute situated in the premises of the University. Rahul also claimed to follow his parenst that he obtained M.Phil without doing B.A. Secular media instead of protest spreads falsehood on behalf of Gandhis to fool people. Courts should take sue motto legal action on such false claims.



Former PM Mahathir was more successful at managing "to keep harmony among Malaysia's ethnicities" has vowed to crack down on the pro-democracy protesters and gave his support to the police to break up the protest and arrest participants.

Abdullah Badawi, was quoted as saying he did not like being challenged.

Abdullah, for instance, has supported a strict Sunni interpretation of Islam and has endorsed a "zero-tolerance policy" against anything that deviates from it.

Gandhi vs. Hitler: Suicide with mistress of 36 hrs,e

Congress rules India with 140 to below 150 MPs on the parliament of 525 MPs. It means Congress rules with around 27% MPs. Majority should be more than 263. It means ‘give and take’ formula is adopted to deceive the people.

Truth of Intelligent mad and Diary of a madman in Indian Politics



Negeri Sembilan is the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia. On October Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi (born November 26, 1939 in Tampin 20, 2005, Abdullah's wife, Endon Mahmood, died from breast cancer.

After the death of his first wife on Oct 20, 2005, On June 6, 2007, Abullah in the age of 68 to Jeanne Abdullah.

Gandhi dynasty members though married one time but their loveaffairs multistoried.

The CIA documents painte Nehru as a naïve and romantic statesman. Did Nehru unsuccessfully try to create ‘Euroindoasian’? His love affairs with Lady Mountbetton were known to Lord Mountbetton and his daughter.
CIA on Romantic Nehru

Rahul Gandhi tired in romance with foreign girls. Kareena Aish Clina Katrinal may be failed being Indians. Sonia leads after Rajiv. Spanish Veronika would dream to be PM. Rahul in Gandhigiri to marry.

Rahul in Gandhigiri to Marry: Pressure on Sonia



Abdullah's administration's efforts to combat corruption allegedly became significantly less public. In 2005, it was alleged that under Abdullah's administration, there had been a significant increase in cases of cronyism regarding the distribution of import permits for foreign-manufactured vehicles.

In every big scandal Bofors to War Room Leakage and Oil for Food kickbacks Sonia’s imprints are found.

Present Indian Government is importing wheat through an Australian company AWB Ltd, having office in Delhi also. Volcker had named this company in ‘oil for food Scam’.

Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi



Abdullah even attempts to control underground resources such as Web pages, forums and blogs, assuming those who criticize him via these media as "the people without credibility.

On Sonia’s instruction i the background of 7/11 serial blasts, on July 13, 2006 Government of India's Department of Telecom blocked such websites, which published matter against Sonia Gandhi. It is shame that not just Hezbollah's but even the Lashkar's own website is not blocked. They maintain site under name of parent organization Jamat ud Dawa.

Pray for peace in Pakistan but not for Kashmir














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