Actual culmination of ‘Tiranga yatra’ will be …. when tricolour of India in PoK: Late Night News of Aug 13, 2016

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    PM gets selfies with Zuckerberg in California but doesn’t meet with farmers in Marathwada:Kapil Sibal

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    Colourful rendition by students of Darul Uloom Madrasa in Uttar Pradesh ahead of Independence Day.

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    We draw attention of the world to the kind of human rights violation that is taking place in that region: J Singh:

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  4. Actual culmination of ‘Tiranga yatra’ will be in Kotli,Muzaffarabad when we succeed in hoisting the tricolour of India in PoK-  @PMOIndia @DrJitendraSingh


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    Baloch people share common interest with India, we are secular and believe in democratic principles: Hammal:

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    Chhattisgarh: One woman Naxal killed in a Jt operation by ITBP’s 18 & 28 Bn and CGP near Manpur-Kohka road….

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    It is time for the world to come forward and support us: Hammal Haider..

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  8. Pakistan butchering Sindhi political activists & supporting religious groups which are threat for the world: Hammal H Baloch,Baloch Activist

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    BJP’s 2 MLAs are arrested due to hosting Tricolour?

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  10. Did shahrukh criticisize we will cut all of your heads via

  11. SRK Detention: 12 Pakistani without VISA arrested in Azmer Dargah: 41 Ne… via