4 pillars of democracy even Judiciary must not cross Laxman Rekha : Most Viewed News Ind Day

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  1. For the first time such a big leader @naendramodi has taken some initiative to highlight Baloch issue: SH Sering

  2. A lot needs to be done (Is done since 2014) to enhance India’s prestige world over: on 70th I’ Day:

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    Salman Kurshid differs with PM , says India should focus on PoK, not meddle in Balochistan:

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    Pak parat sorrow for Modi’s talk on Balochistan and PoK:

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    Laxman Rekha should be for all 4 pillars of democracy: No need of praising anarchist Kejri for odd-even on 1st day?

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    Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s self rule into good rule Ram Rajya :

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    Who called Netaji dog,BhagatSingh a terrorist? Who makes joke on Make in Ind& wants pak help?

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    Modi govt has completely failed in curbing inflation: NCP say this for SheikhAbdullah and his half bros dynassties?

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    Nervous Pakistan talks to Baloch separatists after India speaks of atrocities on Balochistan:

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  12. ‘Guns Can’t Get Us Justice’: Mehbooba Mufti should say Proxy war, Terrorism & stone throwing are against kashmiris: