Should Hindus and Hindu org be sunk in the sea?


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Keep your fingers in your hairs and think, are following correct or not?


After Ramjanm Bhumi temple now Hindu Org has found another crounch to sound “Ram Sethu” Is it possible as Ram Janm bhumi? Actually they are copy masters to spread hate. World known our PM Manmohan accepted Indo US Nuke Deal. So they find a friend NASA for Ram Sethu. NASA has provided the scientific proof inset map picture of Adam’s bridge (Ram Sethu).


Secular tears in the shape of words against BJP ad

Have not seen the tearing in the shape of secular words of secular media on BJP ad? See the ad of BJP in UP newspapers. How BJP spreads hate. The ads draw references to Pakistan, the ISI, the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Vandematram, Sarswsati Vandana etc. How could BJP dare in secular India like this?

BJP did crime to use ‘Pak’ in its ad. They talked on madarsas. Why all are these communal slogans in secular India?


Congress in the hands of Nehru Gandhi family since 90 years

Does BJP forget that it is now in such India which is ruled by Congress led UPA in the support of Leftists? Does BJP not know Congress is born by foreigner Hume and now also under the leadership of an Italian origin? Is it blind not to see the only Sonia and Rahul two are the star campaigners for Congress? Has any other dare to compete them? People should not forget that Congress is in the hands of Nehru Gandhi (Not Mahatma Gandhi or bribery fame Pradip Gandhi) since 90 years just less 10 years to make entury. Congress leaders are much cautious. This family should not be out without making century as some time cricket players become unlucky.

Hindu Org Ram Sethu Adam’s bridge Nasa Secular tears Madarsa BJP ad ISI



Why they talk “Pak”. After all Pakistan is our brother. Congress allied fight in election each other. Have you not seen in Bihar, West Bengal and Kerala? Before the announcement of UP assembly election, Samajwadi Party supported Congress led government in the centre and Congress supported Mulayam in UP. Like that Pakistan and India fough four wars as friendly. So how BJP dare to raise finger on Pak?



Hindus their educational institutions may be called communal and impure. But they have no right to call other in the same language.


They say about madarsas. Not clear for all or few, for Pak or for other places. Musharraf’s ISI influenced army bombered on the madarsa of tribal area of Baloch of Pakistan and killed more than 50 so called Al-Qaeda men. Bush and Tony Blair give crores dollars to changing the syllabus of madarsas. Opposite of this Sarswati Shishu Mandir institutions spread hate. Sarswati Vandana can be heard there. Is Sarswati vandana not communal?



BJP talks in ad for vandematram. BJP forgets that When on the call of HRD Minister stone of secularism Arjun Singh, whole country was celebrating on Sept 7, 2006 Vandematram day then to give the message of secularism and holy appeasement to minority policy PM Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi remained absent and two chairs in the function organized by a wing of Congress were empty in poetry language weeping? After all what does BJP want to say about Vandmatram? In fact BJP and other Hindu organizations ore spreading hate to oppose. MF Hussain got three awards from the President. Deputy high Commissioner of India at London inaugurated the exhibition of MF Hussein in which nude painting of Bharatmata asd Sarswati were also kept. Website of Hindu Humanity Org was blocked by secular India because that org opposed exhibition there. Mistakenly our government could not criticize Tony Blaire who gave order for closing the exhibition.



BJP also raised its fingers on ISI. After all Musharraf was and still the head of Pak army. And do you not know army and ruling parties there are in the hands of ISI. All terrorists training camps in Pak and in PoK are running in the direction and helps of ISI. Even ISI sponsored terrorists have entered in our army, security forces. Have you not heard many of them surrendered and joined security forces? ISI has made friendly relation with Naxalites also. So raising finger on ISI is a crime because it may give anger to ISI. Further what will be the fate of our PM Manmohan’s joint mechanism if BJP continue to go against our friendly country Pakistan and its ISI? So called ISI agent defense journalist of Pakistan Asoora Alam, daughter of Rani General has become the friend of Capt Amrinder Singh and for this great achievement he got great receiption at the air port by a huge crowd of Congress persons. He came back India from London just before two days. Secular leaders are trying hard to make relation with ISI and Pakistan but hardliners Hindu org pour water on those efforts. Is this not communalism?


 Mush is friend, don’t believe on Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif

Who say Musharraf is villain of Kargil. Forget all and remember only Godse and Babri Masjid. Have you not heard what the newly awtar super secular Rahul say in Deoband? In every riot, his family members had given their presence.

Nawaz Sharif said in his autobiography and repeated yesterday that Musharraf was going to nuclear war against India from Kargil. In fact in zellousy being an enemy of India he said like that to defame the India’s most wanted friend Mush of secular government, but ‘Miyan Bibi Raji toa kya karega kajee’.

Now another enemy of India Benazir Bhutto came with the same type of allegation. She said that Musharraf wanted to go ahead for war against India and for that he wanted her permission when she was PM of Pak. In fact all are liars. Only Mush, MM and Sonia are true. Have you not seen difference between the great honor of Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi and dishonor of Actor Feroze Khan in Pakistan?


Invite Mush instead of Modi

Further BJP invited Narendra Modi in UP to speak in the eledtion public meetings. Is this not crime? Mush and other Pakistani leader can meet Hurriyat in India but how a Hindu CM of Gujarat can enter in UP? Does BJP not know that PM Manmohan Singh declared seven lakhs for each family of 5000 vicims of Post Godhra Gujarat riots? Burnt karsevaks in burning Sabarmati Express at Godhra were communal Hindus. So don’t talk about them. Otherwise Election Commission shall cancle your candidature in the election.



BJP’s other crime in so called secular India of MM Sonia is to attack SIMI. BJP forgets that President of Minority Commission of Maharshtra have given SIMI certificate of patriotism. Even Sonia Gandhi, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Ambika Soni and other great personalities of great secular circus opposed the ban on SIMI in NDA rule. Mulayam Singh himself has said that SIMI is secular and RSS is communal. Have you not seen SalmanK hursheed with Rahul Gandhi in every roadshows? Khursheed is such a great sympatyser of SIMI that he pleaded the banning case of SIMI in SupremeCourt on behalf of SIMI.


Best use of kickbacks in election

BJP’s communal card’s details are large as being said by so called secular leaders and in their support print and electronic media. Who can dare to blame that deposits in Swiss and other banks of Bofors, Oil for Food and other legal without proved scams are misused. After all what is the use of money gold and other movable and immovable property? They should be used in difficult time. Is election period not of this category? Have you not seen the becoming PM chances of Sonia and now of Rahul in the survey of few media?


Demanding Economic based Quota is separatism

Congress, its allies and Leftists history say their democratic and sedular story. They never talk of appeasement. Should appeasement of minority be called appeasement? Secular contractoing parties never talk of caste and religion. Fools can say that caste and religion basis quota is not secularism. In fact demanding quota on economic basis is the communalism.


Are terrorists and Naxal-Maoists not brothers and Children?

One more crime of BJP is not endorsing the statement of Shivraj patil and other secular leaders that terrorists, naxalites, insurgent groups are brothers and children. Further BJP is not helping Bangladeshi infiltrators for getting ration cards and Indian citizenship. Are they less sedular and patriot than BJP leaders?After all in the past Bagladeshies lived in Undivided India. Where is fault if they are being made citizens now?


BJP is demanding for following the Supreme Court order for the hanging of Afzal Guru. Is this not crime. Do they not know three CM past and present of J&K and many main secular parties including CPI (M) opposing the move of hanging. Afzal is different to other hanged Dhanjayas. He is a symbol of unity, non-voilence and secularism. BJP supported POTA. How is it possible in the non violent country of Gandhi?


As media has covered full time story that Mumbai High Court has endorced the ideal marriage of a Hindu girl with a Muslim boy. But few Hindu orgainizations are opposing this. Opposite to this other religious community being secularist never opposes marriage of hindu boy with other religion girl. Have you any example of that?


Did Hindu oppose marriage of Indira Gandhi with Phiroze? Did they oppose marriage of Rajiv Gandhi with Christian Sonia? Would Hindu force Phiroze and Sonia for converting themselves in Hindu religion. 


Hindus are communal. From ancient time thery are communal. They have no tolerance. They converted people of other religions in their religion. They have not one god. They do not say that people can get heaven only through that one god. They destroyed religious places of other religions to build temples. Are these qualities are disqulifaction in the point of secularism?


Hindu org are spreading hate. Their preachers had been sent to prison as Shakracharya Jayendra Sarswaty and recently Mahant Adityanath three times of MP.


BJP is opposing Eledtion Commissioner navin Chwla. Is Teresa not Bharatratn? Is navin Chawla not Christian World fame to write her autography? Has he not suppoted with both hands the emergency of indira Gandhi? Has he not 10 janpath loyalist? Has he not made for this loyalty Eledtion Commissioner in present goldent rule of UPA? Will he not conduct 2009 General Election as a Chief Election Commissioner? If yes then why has not friendly foolish BJP with impartial Navin Chawla.


BJP leaders, cadres and other Non-Sonia blind followers should know the following latest news which gives Sonia’s loyalist Chawla another shining medal.

The Auditor General's office has accused Chawla of misusing his powers when he was chairman of the erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB).

Chawla, as chairman, allegedly deployed security guards meant for securing power plants at his house. The arrangement continued even after he became Election Commissioner, and the bill that Chawla and another ex-Chairman ran up was Rs 44 lakh.

Documents with CNN-IBN show that no prior approval was taken from the Board and there was no threat analysis done either.

Conclusion is that BJP is a communal party, Itcan’t be defeated in democratic way. So there must be ways similar to democratic Hitlerand Mussoline, Italian born present Gandhis know this very well. So they made management through the appointment of Navin Chawla as a Election Commissioner, “aage aage dekhiye hotaa hai kya”. This is the beginning, my dear!



By Premendra Agrawal