Sonia alone, Natwar gone as Sarkozy’s party leader distancing from him

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By - Premendra Agrawal




The New York Times reported on Feb 12: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is considered toxic enough that some candidates of the Union for a Popular Movement, the party he long headed, seem to be distancing themselves from him ahead of the municipal elections next month. Some candidates, including former Prime Minister Alain Juppé, who is running for re-election as mayor of Bordeaux, are campaigning without the party logo.




Natwar Singh neither blind nor with open eye remains the follower of Sonia Gandhi. Now Natwar is not blind follower of Sonia Gandhi! He publicly gave the secrecy of Congress that without the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi not a single leaves move.

On Feb 13 made the announcement his resignation from Congress in the presence of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Sindhia at a BJP-sponsored Jat rally in Vidyadhar Nagar, 20 km from Jaipur, and soon after launched a blistering attack on Sonia Gandhi. Natwar Singh had to resign from the government in the wake of the Iraqi food-for-oil scam,

Nat-war Singh once more aboutturned to say on Aug 12 in ‘Aap ki Adaalat’ of Rajat Sharma: “He will obey Sonia,”. But he was suspended one day before 'Raksha bandhaan' by Congress via Sonia. How can Natwar Singh forget this?


Oont kis karvat baita hai?

"Wait and see," he told newsmen, who were eager to know if he expects to get a BJP seat in Parliament, as his term in Rajya Sabha is coming to an end shortly.

"My father has quit the Congress party," Natwar's son Jagat told

Asked about Natwar's future course of action, Jagat said that his father would decide this shortly. "I am only a follower," he said.

(Oont kis karvat baita hai?)

Who knows on which side camel sited yesterday and on which side he will sit tomorrow? Is there any guarantee of its sitting tomorrow or not?

Eating elephant is not the same as the elephant shows.

Dramatic dialogue of Renounces when Natwar Sonia Gandhi kept Natwar with her in her tour for Russia:

Sir, Sonia Gandhi is our PM!”
"She is your PM, Mr. Natwar ."
"S-s-s-h-h-h Mr. Putin, don't let anyone hear you; she will lose all that she has gained with her sacrifice of PM post."
"She is not prime minister?"
"No. Mr. Putin"
"Then why are you touching her feet?"
"Because of her sacrifice"
"I truly do not understand. In Russia we are happy when our man becomes President or PM."
"I, Dr. Singh and other colleagues are white haired eldest experienced congressmen of India. All we touch her feet."
"I know, I know, for that PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh came airport to see off Sonia Gandhi.”
"Dr. Singh obeyed always her instructions, Mr. Putin."
"What does he want to take her instructions?"
"Who will be his cabinet minister, where will be the president rule etc. etc.
After getting her instructions: Padmashree was given to Glady Staines, CM of Karnatak Adhrarm climbed on the stage of Benny Hin whose wife is the friend of our beloved Soniaji. Because of her instruction three days morn were declared in India on the death of Pope John Paul II. Conversion of Hindus is going on in India smoothly. Population of Hindus and Sikhs declines continuously. Christians have taken over Congress Party.”
"I do not understand. Mr. Natwar"
"What Mr. Putin?"
"Why you came here with Sonia?"
" I came here to assist her. She is inexperienced."
"Mr. Natwar, actually she has not made any sacrifice! Our KGB knows all about Sonia Gandhi"

After above hearsay, I recall the drama of renounces.

See my article of June 20, 2005: "Learn from Sonia how to renounce power!"

Roar of the sons of Dushyant’s Bharat has power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism


Present Congress is not of Gandhi and Nehru

After announcing his resignation from the Congress on Feb 13, 2008, Natwar Singh praised Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and the achievements of her government, and said that the Congress had changed over the years.

"The Congress is not the same Congress that was nurtured by Gandhi and Nehru," he said.

Natwar Singh, who joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1953, joined the Congress in 1984 and was elected to the Lok Sabha from Bharatpur constituency in Rajasthan.


Natwar’s letter to PM Manmohan Singh

Natwar Singh was quoted in a release by a news channel on Feb 12 as having written on June 7 to the Prime Minister that "the helpless ED officers are telling people that they have instructions from higher-ups to involve my son Jagat by hook or by crook."

"The fact of the matter is that one individual was being asked by the ED to appear 130 times, interrogated for over 500 hours, and told that you must implicate Natwar Singh'sson. Now, we know all this and so does the government," he said.

There was or is mole in the PMO of Manmohan Singh also who leaked the specific portion of Pathak Report related to only Natwar Singh. Natwar Singh himself has hinted for this.

Natwar Singh said that Manmohan was nominated by Sonia Gandhi for Prime Minister post. Natwar Singh publicly declared that he will recommend  Manmohan Singh’s name for Greenish book because he is alone among 11 PMs who even could not win a Municipal election.


Breaking of Italian connection

Natwar Singh married sister of Amrinder Singh. Late Maharaj Yadveindra Singh was the father in law of Natwar Singh and father of Punjab CM Amrinder Singh. Maharaj Yadveindra Singh was the Ambassador to Italy 1965-1966 and received decoration: GC of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy (1966). Quattrocchi Flied: India's Sovereignty is mortgaged to Italy


Swiss based Italy connected Masefield in Volker Report

The company, Masefield, mentioned in the Vollker Report as having managed the transactions for Natwar Singh and the Congress, is a Zug-based (Swiss) oil-trading company controlled by protégés of Marc Rich. Marc Rich is one of Switzerland’s wealthiest residents, and is one of its largest taxpayers. He is discreetly protected by the Swiss police and security apparatus

Switzerland seems to be the focal point for Gandhi family

Can BOFORS, the KGB funds, and Masefield AG all this be a coincidence?


Italian vadra

Robert Vadra’s mother is an Italian national married to an Indian, Eric Vadera. Priyanka’s husband Raobert Vadra had showed his distance from his father Eric Vadra.

Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Dec 13 vs Dec 6


Oil for Food Scam

Natwar Singh highlights following besides other points in his draft of the parliament submission:

"Mrs Gandhi gave me a letter of introduction to President Saddam Hussain which... I delivered to the deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tariq Aziz, on my arrival in Baghdad.

"We would like to know from the government whether the Pathak Authority and the Enforcement Directorate have made enquiries from the Congress president (as was in the case of Natwar Singh and his family)."

Natwar Singh and Sonia Gandhi both are involved in Oil for Food Scam. Natwar Singh misused his authority as disclosed in the Pathak report on the basis of three letters given by Natwar Singh in the Congress letter head to his son Jagat Singh, Anandeel Sehgal and Adity Khanna. Sehal and Khanna are also his relatives.

As Natwar, Sonia Gandhi also gave introductory letter to Natwar Singh who headed the Congress delegation for Iraq. Besides that letter she also gave other one or two letters to Natwar Singh addressed to Saddam Hussein.

These two letters have been publicly released and were read by Ambika Soni in the Rajya Sabha.


Dr. Subramanyam Swamy reported on 16-12-2005:

In the matter of bribes collected from Iraq by Congress Party, I have now verified that part of the ill-gotten money ended up in HSBC bank in New York (Yonkers branch) in the account of Century Development Group, Inc. account number 652-72521-0.  This is a benami account of Ms. Sonia Gandhi operated on her behalf by Zach Thomas, the New York based brother-in-law of Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s Man Friday Vincent George. There is a FIR in Delhi Police against Vincent George. In the FIR Abhishek Verma son of late Shree kant Verma charged him for maintaining relation with underworld Dan Daud. Conversation between them had been captured.














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