Fuel Price vs Bio-Fuels: UPA vs Kalam

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Congress depends on foreign coach instead of Indian experts. UPA overlooks the advice of even former President Dr. Kalam who suggests for encouraging the Bio-fuel production.




Congress leaders want to before foreign origin. They want coca cola; they want foreign coach; they want foreign leadership; they want foreigner bahu, no deshi wife); they want everything of foreign means imported….they say no deshi please! India without Indianness with Indianless

Why UPA overlooked the advice of former President Dr. Kalam for producing Bio-fuels. When things go wrong, Gandhis never do it. When things go semi-good, they with other lovefools do it. And when things go good, Gandhis say they do it.


UPA Govt should take proper initiative for Bio-Fuels

Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in the past discussed the intricacies of growing jatropha, an important source of bio-fuel, with farmers in Chhattisgarh

Dr Kalam said the government and private sector majors should accelerate research in bio-fuel sector as well as the related aspects of production, marketing and processing.

The president said that government would take care of the financial aspects of jatropha growers, including proper marketing and aid in jatropha irrigation. He said the government and private sector majors should accelerate research in bio-fuel sector as well as the related aspects of production, marketing and processing.

Experts are of the view that the second generation bio-fuels extracted from micro-algae and other microbial sources, lingo-cellulosic biomass, rice straw and bio-ethers can be a better option for addressing both food and energy security and environmental concerns than large-scale plantation of bio-fuel crops like Jatropha and Pongamia.


Hike in fuel prices

PM Dr Singh said that fuel prices hiked to avoid fiscal system collapse.

Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Murli Deora has informed that petrol prices have been hiked by Rs 2 and diesel prices have been raised by Rs 1 with effect from midnight of Feb 14.

The fuel price hike that came into force on Thursday midnight has come as a setback to the common man, who has already been bearing the brunt of inflation.


Left, BJP against fuel price hike

The Left Parties and Opposition BJP will hold protest rallies on Friday against the hike in petrol and diesel prices. Left leaders claimed that the UPA Government had ignored their suggestions to cut excise and customs duties to minimise burden on the people.


Meetha gup gup, kadwa thu thu:

Petroleum Minister says that petrol price depends on the mercy of Sonia Gandhi.

Should party organization be separate from government and free of administrative functions?

Is new reshuffle in Cong Org indication of midterm poll?

Increase in price, suicides, terrorism, insurgency, infiltration all depends on the move of Sonia Gandhi. Ruin and not ruin Ram Sethu and filing Ramdrohi affidavit all depends on their ‘yes madam’. Modi as wife of Tulsi: Bow before Ram, not Sonia


Hike in fuel price vs Tearful Vimla Devi widow of martyr

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh faced an embarrassing moment when an inconsolable widow of one of the Parliament terror attack victims accused the government of not fulfilling the promises made to her.

On Dec 13, 2007 Tearful Vimla Devi is widow of Asst Sub Inspector Nanak Chand martyr in parliament attack. Manmohan, Sonia Gandhi, Shivraj Patil and fake sting operated ‘kalank or black media’ hide the tears of martyr’s widow to remind the encounter of don terrorist Soharabuddin.  They tear as on every Dec 6 tearful are fake seculars in the parliament.

The widow narrated her woes, saying that she was yet to get land for a petrol pump which had been allotted to her as part of compensation following her husband? killing. Dec 13 vs Dec 6

They worried for one child of Afzal but they are blind for hundred and hundred children of Kashmiri Pandits. The families of such martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save the lives of ministers and MPs at the time of terrorist attack on the temple of democracy have returned their medal to the President. Soldiers are doing suicide to face the terrorists and separatists friendly policies of the UPA government. Even Army commander is doing suicides. Modernity and Suicide:r


Italian Gandhis rule without accountability

Now Sonia Gandhi and its Congress are in double role. They are grooming Rahul Gandhi for future PM and parallel to it they are trying to give credit for all good works to Sonia Gandhi. She is not responsible for evils of UPA. Reducing prices of petrol and diesel was due to Sonia Gandhi!  7 lakhs will be given to the Muslim victims of Gujarat riot on the advice of Sonia Gandhi!! Arjun Singh said the reservation be given to creamy layers also due to Sonia Gandhi. PM Manmohan Singh and others are responsible for all other controversial works!!! Afzal speaks in the parliament


Chhattisgarh plant produces electricity from jatropha

Perhaps for the first time in India, a power plant in Chhattisgarh has been generating electricity using jatropha oil. That should be great news in a country where uninterrupted power supply remains a dream.

The plant, set up by New Delhi-based NGO Winrock International India in the tiny Ranidhera village in Kabir Dham district, is providing 24-hour power supply, that too at an affordable price of Rs.25 per bulb to poor villagers.

The 17.5 KW capacity power plant, which runs on raw oil produced from jatropha seeds, has been supplying electricity to the villagers since it became operational in April last year.

The plant is successfully meeting the electricity requirement of Ranidhera, a 106-household village, most of them tribal,' Somnath Bhattacharjee, vice president of the NGO, told IANS.

The plant has never faced any operational breakdown and has been providing uninterrupted electricity supply to consumers,' Bhattacharjee said.

'We are charging a flat rate of Rs.25 per light point a month, which villagers find quite reasonable,' he said. 'As a result, the entire village is taking power supply from the plant for meeting the requirement of lighting instead of using kerosene.'

This is the country's first successful village electrification project based on straight jatropha oil,' he added.

The NGO is also working to promote awareness about bio-diesel. Non-edible oil from jatropha seeds is used as raw material (feedstock) to produce bio-diesel.















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