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  Union Minister hires contract killer? Wife Womb Barati for Hire
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Rented Fake Govt Wife Womb Barati for hire Left Budhi Ghodi Parliament US Nuke Goebbels Congress UPA Fraud becomes intelligence Ramdrohi Vatican Non Hindu Soni Sonia Gandhi DMK Christian jihad UPA Nuke PM Bush; tag this


Evil mind during Id: As media reorted on Oct 16: Union minister of state for human resources development Mr MAA Fatmi is in trouble. Police are probing his role “in a conspiracy to kill Mr Babloo Jaman alias Bobby Khan, deputy mayor of Darbhanga Municipal Corporation during Id, to create communal tension in Bihar ”.

Lau walks with accused companions:

Lalu cameopenly to save habitual criminals such as his party’s MP Shahabuddin. Gandhis are overloaded to wear the heavy weighted crown of many many feathers. One more crown of Shahabuddin a prisoner has been decorated in their crown by the Lalu of RJD.

Former Gautam Goswami spent Rs 2 lakh on coffee and Rs 11 lakh on Mughali food in the name of working for flood relief operations. He was also beloved of Lalu Yadav.

Union Minister Mr Fatmi is close to railway minister Mr Lalu Prasad. Mr Fatmi’s alleged involvement came to light after six arrests were made on Sunday in Darbhanga, which the minister represents in the Lok Sabha. The detainees reportedly told police they had been hired by the Union minister to kill Mr Jaman.

The arrests were made after Mr Jaman lodged a complaint with the Lehariasarai police station. These men were charged with trying to kill the deputy mayor and a panchayat head in Darbhanga. Md Alam, one of the arrested with a long criminal past, told police he had been paid Rs 5 lakh to kill Mr Jaman.

“We are investigating the minister’s role in the murder conspiracy case and it is only after the confessional statements of the arrested are corroborated during police investigation that they will lodge a case against him (Mr Fatmi),” SP Darbhanga, Ms KS Anupam, said


After reading aboe news I recall my past article titled:

‘Poem: Rented Wife Rented Womb’


I recall the news published on June 18, 2006 which follows as: You might have heard of rent-a-womb, but who ever heard of rent-a-wife! Certain people, especially in tribal belts of Gujarat , have smelt an irresistible business opportunity in the skewed sex ratio in the state. If many tribal daughters are being sold in marriage, there are also reports of husbands agreeing to their wives staying with higher caste men, who are not able to find a wife in their own community, for a monthly rental. In Netrang taluka in Bharuch, police officials quote the recent instance of Atta Prajapati allowing his wife Laxmi to stay with a Patel in Mehsana for a monthly rental of Rs 8,000.


Wife for Hire Inc

There is a Hardback book”Wife for Hire (TPB) published by Pan Mackmillan and written by Blacklock: Sam knew she was a model wife, a prize wife, the kind of wife men secretly wished they had. Spurred on by an eclectic bunch of girlfriends and her nutty sister Max, she finds the job she was born for: Wife for Hire. Sam handles the domestic affairs, and acts as a personal shopper and social coordinator for many satisfied customers. But when attractive American businessman, Hal Buchanan is added to her client list, Sam soon realizes she can organize many things in life, but not her emotions.


We can turn the sex related news ‘Wife for hire’ in to the holy business or holy profession. Example for profession may be “ Would you hire your wife as an office assistant?”


Barati on Rent

Before some time I also news related to ‘Baratis’ on hire:

Now some business firms provide on rent all varieties of members for wedding including for procession. The ostentatious nature of most north Indian weddings has enabled innovative entrepreneurs to make a fortune. Several event managers, tent wallahs, musicians, dress designers thrive during the marriages. Owners of this business say,” The bridegroom’s wedding party ought to have a sizeable number of members. This is a status symbol. Also, there are cases of elopement or parents refusing to participate in their child’s marriage. In that case, some body needs to play the part of the elders, friends and relatives. This is precisely the service offered by us.”


UPA Govt. Symbol of Fakes

As I discussed UPA Govt. has become symbol of fakes. It devalued PM post by creating invisible Super PM post. There is a fake opposition in the shape of Left out side supporter of UPA.

Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance


We have pseudo parliament as we see in the case of the same Indo US Nuke deal. 

Powerless Parliament and Terrorist attack on Parliament


Part (2)

Rented Fake Govt


It is said that we have democracy and government of elected MPs. Is it true to see the example of nuke deal?

Powerless Parliament and Terrorist attack on Parliament


Govt said that it is committed for the benefit of common man means beneficial for the ‘aam aadami’. Are increases in the prices, suicides of farmers and security personals, more and more incidents of forceful conversion of tribals and poors, widening of bloody palm of terrorism, Naxal-Maoists, separators and infiltrators the sign of good governance? Why fake secular leaders and media making false propaganda to follow Goebbels.

Gandhi vs. Hitler: Suicide with mistress of 36 hrs, video vs. Joint suicide of 58 yrs marriage


Left becomes the illegal owner of the government as we see in Indo US Nuke Deal episode. Left gave its ownership to the Sonia Gandhi on rent. Sonia Gandhi appointed PM due to her foreign origin. So, present government is fake and on rent. This government is run by not only Italian origin but also foreign hands give the signal to this government. What is the need of PM to explain his inability in Nuke deal to Bush?



Secular Government fake

Parliament opponent fake

Jhoom Jhoom Nachu kaise,

Toote naa Dil hamara kaise



Telgi-Throat’ in the prison

Their political bofors gun

Move freely not in prison

Fake Stamp Count not fun



I saw a young female Fake

Aj Tak - Correspondent fake

You can find Examinee fake

All is on hire or on to be let



Made by God given by god

Never for sale Indian wife

How fine is to be husband?

What beauty is to be wife?



May n’t be enough one wife?

More wives may be needed

Who finds golden egg wife?

Who is on hire or on rented?



Govt law can take on

Counterfeit products fake

Now people must take on

Counterfeit Gandhis fake



I hear loudly gun fire blast

Tha terrorist in police dress

Maoist end a difficult task

All vote bank of Congress



Yahan Har Kism Ke Barati

Kiraye Par Milte Hain Barati

Beef up your party marriage

All on hire welcome rentage



Who brings Aids Night club

Who change wife barter sex?

He enjoyed a sex with her

Son enjoyes a sex with her!



Young son wants to marry

Finds a girl suits him nice

Father says ‘no my son, no

She is right your sister nice’



He says mother father says

Mother laughs “Go son there

Your father is not your father’

Imported rented womb here?


Budhi ghodi lal lagam

When I begin to count the numbers of MPs of Congress and Left and see the govt as ‘bhanumati ka pitara’ then suddenly my eyes stays on the news of today:

This is an incident of Risali village of Bhilai , Chhattisgarh. There was a romantic circus of marriage completed on Oct.15, 2007 between groom of 65 and bride of 32. Bride’s cousins and groom’s grand sons and daughters accompanied in the marriage ceremony. This gave innovative romantic seen. Both sides are joyous to participate in this historical marriage. Groom Ram Krishna is a designer and bride Sumita is M.Com. After marriage she wants to open coaching institute.


This happened in Britain also. J ane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire , in northwest England and met 27-year-old Omar bin Laden.  

Osama’s son became son-in-law of Britain: seeks to enter UK


Fraud becomes intelligence

Fraud becomes intelligence in the present politics of India ; such as Sonia is Super PM without accountability, though executing responsibility is the artificially cabinet of Manmohan. Vatican City can be said to be the governmental capital of the Catholic Church. 10 janpath can be said the government capital of the (Christian) Congress. Import of Vatican City-ism in India


Nothing wrong in Karunanidhi expressing his views: Congress

Why does Congress hide the truth that nothing wrong in endorsing the statement of Karunanidhi by the chairperson of UPA? 















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