Coalition compulsion and Rashtra dharm

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Political leaders and parties use coalition dhrarm and Rashtra dharm according to their convenience as they use secular word. In the name of coalition dharm: Congress keeps Nuke deal in its cold bag and now DMK passed a resolution to remind Congress coalition dharm.




On an alliance with Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress , Dasmunshi said that in a democracy building bridges with secular forces was a priority.

Is CPI (M) led left alliance communal in West Bengal and Kerala but secular in running the government in the centre? Poem: India separatists kill patriots to call them traitors

Right left walk of political romance is towards separation.

Love of greedy politicians to share power, deceives people. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left.

They falsely claim and copy the fevicol ad time to time that their love is strong, not breakable. Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance


Congress thinks that its Rashtra Dharm is to ruin Ram Sethu to complete the Sethu samudram project. PM Dr. Singh did not feel dishearten and embarrass to say that tainted ministers’ inclusion was a coalition compulsion. Nuked Lame duck Puppet PM is nuked, not for rise in prices and suicides?


Maharashtra has always put the country's interests first and abided by the Rashtra dharma (national ethos), Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said on Feb 13.  But Shiv Sena voted to Pratibha Patil in the name of ‘Maratha Pride which it thought at that time above coalition and Rasthtra Dharm.

AS a Presidential candidate Pratibha Patil got support of the Lion-Shivsena and lionesses Mayawati and may get support of Mamta to be lions and lionesses. Why did Lions and Lionesses forget roaring? Cowardly lion of US Movie & Crow walks to be swan in Rashtrapati Bhawan


Sethu Project poses a threat before the UPA Govt before the project becomes a threat to the security of India. UPA allies and Left are fighting each other on the issue of Sethusamudram. They want to ruin Ram Sethu to please Christian Sonia and Christian Ambika Soni but in the mean time they do not want to loose votes of Hindustanis.


There was one Shiva to drink poison at the time of samudra manthan of Puranas. Now crores shivas are drinking poison to save the Indianess means Hinduism. Leaders- devas and asuras are enjoying wealth (Ratnas). Still fighting is on between them. They want to be immortal also to drink nectar. Samudra Manthan: People drink Vish, Leaders fighting for Amrit


The DMK's committee which met in Chennai has passed a resolution to remind Congress coalition dharm, ““All alliance partners must practice coalition dharma if we have to keep communal forces at bay. All the alliance partners should have the generosity shown by the DMK in political give and take.”

The DMK’s above resolution comes after a meeting between DMK's Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi and Sonia Gandhi last week and it's clear that dredging the Ram Sethu for a shipping canal is also dredging deep differences between the two allies.

Is duty of UPA with Left and few foreign born to destroy Ram Sethu? How is it possible when Hindus see god in each and every particle? Symbol of Unity, Every conch in the temples, Train Sethu from Egmore stn, Entire area of Rameshwaram, Hey Ram of Rajghat, Movie of Dada Saheb Falke Seth-Bandhan, celebration of Dussehra and Deepawali, Aasetu Himachal logo of GSI, Sites of tourism and  Satellite photos of Adams bridge remind us Ram Sethu is a reality of 17 Million years ago. Ram Sethu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared


The invisible hand of God knows how to destroy evil as says our holy books. Now it is proving true in TN. It is signal for Gandhi dynasty also. Don’t destroy Ram Sethu. Don’t block the way for turning the temporary construction of Ramlala in to a greatest pious temple of our ancient historical Mahapurush Ram. Burn the Lanka of Ravan and give the power to Vibhishan. Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress

Now, Lankan Naval Chief Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda on Feb 14 claims that patrolling would have to be increased if India’s Sethusamundram shipping channel project is implemented. He said in Delhi that the Indian Government would have factored the security aspect while conceiving the shipping lane.

Lankan Naval Chief, Coast Guard Director General R F Contractor, Naval chief Admiral Suresh Mehta and Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh and others has already said that Sethusamudram Project would be a threat to the security of India.

Vandematram means salute to Bharat Mata whose crown is Himalaya and whose feet are being watered by Hind Mahasagar. Let us know is there any sea in the name of a country and the sons and daughter of that country? Ram Setu is a symbol of the security of our nation. Who wounded Himalaya? Who wants to ruin Ram Setu? Who are patriots and who are traitors? Ram Setu means Security of India

Wasantha Karannagoda claimed that the LTTE has been a threat for Sri Lanka but if its activities were not checked the group will pose problems for other countries. His mentioning other countries means India.


'Trail of Ramayana’

As reported TOI on Jan 18, 2008 Sri Lankan cricket icons Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda de Silva as Sri Lankan tourism ambassadors were in India to sell the 'Ramayana trail', in the hope that Hindus will flock to Sri Lanka to see places associated with the epic. The head of the Ramakrishna Mutt in Colombo and the high priest of the Hanuman temple in Dehiwela are accompanying the sports stars on their mission to hardsell the island nation’s Ramayana links. S Kalaiselvan, director general Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and former skipper Ranatunga spoke about their epic mission.

Ravan, Sita named places in Sri Lanka, why not Ram Vibhishan?

10 Skeletons of 17 yrs ago discovered in Ravana Ela Cave


On Feb 4, 2008, Sixtieth anniversary of independence 'Trail of Ramayana' tour package, especially to lure more pilgrim travelers to nearly 50 sties associated with Ramayana was introduced by Sri Lanka. A committee comprising of Department of Hindu Cultural Affairs, National Chauffer's Guide Association and University of Peradeniya, explored the possibilities of developing the Ramayana trails in Sri Lanka. A special brochure and CD indicating the Ramayana sites were produced by Sri Lanka Tourism was launched on January 17th, 2008 at Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi. It received an unprecedented response from the Indian media.

Rambhakt in foreign land and Ramdrohi in Bharatbhumi! Why?














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