Now Sikhs victim of Art 30 and anti Hindu Govt

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Hindu organizations and parties have time to compromise on various principles by which they are known all over world.  There is no strong movement against the abolishment of Art 30 of the Constitution. Opposite to this half Christian supported by atheist parties wants to ruin Hindi Hindu Hindustan. For encouraging conversion it will come with religious based minority-ism focused budget.




The half Christian government not only wants to take control over Hindu temples but it also wants to ruin Ram Setu as Malaysian and other foreign Govt. is silent over the demolition of the famous Krishna temple in Moscow and a century- old Hindu temples in Malaysia. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh called up the Denmark Prime Minister to object to the publication of the offensive cartoon caricaturing the Prophet. Indian Govt ruins Hinduism

Demolition of Hindu temples in Malaysia

After Ram Krishna Mission in 1980/81, now Sikhs become victim of Quota-Minoritism. After Art 30 of the Constitution now half Christian Government’s religious based minority-ism-budget becomes the medium for throwing Hindus in the minority.

CNN-IBN publishes: Are you a Sikh? Submit an affidavit: Punjab Govt

Punjab: SC seeks reply on quota to Sikhs: NDTV


Swami Vivikanand

Vivekananda, Ramakrishna’s most illustrious disciple, is considered by some to be one of his most important legacies. Vivekananda spread the message of Ramakrishna across the world. He also helped introduce Hinduism to the west. He founded two organisations based on the teachings of Ramakrishna. One was Ramakrishna Mission, which is designed to spread the word of Ramakrishna. Vivekananda also designed its emblem. Ramakrishna Math was created as a monastic order based on Ramakrishna’s teachings. Saffron Rajan Zed made history in US to follow Vivekanand of 1893


Ramakrishna Mission went to Court in the 1980/81

The Ramakrishna Mission went to the Calcutta High Court in the 1980/81 in order to have their organisation and movement declared as a non-Hindu minority religion. They sought to gain in this way the same privileges that are accorded only to the minority religions. The constitution grants privileges to minority religions; for example, in Article 30(1) it gives them greater control over their educational institutions: “All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.”

According to the Ram Krishna Mission’s preachers, they did this purely as a matter of political necessity: there was a danger that the local government would take control of its charitable schools unless it could invoke the extra protection the Indian constitution accords to minority religions.

I have written on April 4, 2006 in my article: “In the democracy every citizen is the king or badshah. But they should not be Mir and Mirza: ‘the chess continues even as the British troops march into the city until they have a fight over the game. Mir, who has nearly shot Mirza and is ashamed of his behavior, says, ‘We cannot even cope with our wives, so how can we cope with the company's army?’ Are Mass media and madness in cricket not killed Woolmer?

The situation of the seven political parties of Nepal is like that. Maoist hijacked the democracy movement there. Actually these parties have become the Hostage of Maoist,”

Today on Feb17, 2008 I am writing here now that fate of political parties of India is not different to the parties of Nepal. Should Maoist Terrorist friendly represent India in UNO?


Hindus have become habitual for taking sleeping dose due to fake secularism as last Mughal badshah was habitual to play shatranj.

Approaching the Calcutta High Court in 1981, the Ramakrishna Mission sought the status of a non-Hindu minority, which request was granted.

In the written arguments, the Mission had not merely to prove that it was a minority--that was easily done--but also that it was non-Hindu. This it did with great ingenuity and conviction. In trying to prove it was non-Hindu, it spoke quite negatively of Hinduism, borrowing heavily from the missionaries' repertory.

Some of the arguments in the petitions are shameful. Unfortunately, it has become a fashionable thing to disown Hinduism.

Now the same situation is faced by Sikhs in Punjab as Ram Krishna Mission was faced in 1980. Vivekanand flagged Hinduism all over world but what Ram Krishan Mission’s many follower thinks about themselves I don’t know. Sikh Gurus sacrifices their lives for the sake of Hinduism but I don’t know want many Sikhs think now.

Why Ram Krishna Mission turned itself as non-Hindu? Why Jain wants to be minority? Why there is a competition to be backward instead of forward? Why is the Union Minister, without portfolio A.R. Antulay in the search of provinces where Hindus are in minority? Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma

This statistic suggested that while the growth rate for Hindus has fallen between 1991 and 2001 compared with 1981 and 1991, Muslims and Christians have actually grown faster in the last decade, this led Indian media and different parties raising an alarm on this trend. Sri Lanka kicks (Hindu) Tamils, Congress wants conversion?


Will Hindus be in minority?

Nehru’s Foreign secretary J N Dixit rightly said, “….If the majority of people in India were not Hindus, India would not have been a secular country. Instead of emphasising this, Nehru put the Hindu majority somewhat on the defensive, predicating Indian secularism on certification by the minorities, that the majority is secular. This resulted in a certain defensiveness and self-conscious denial of their religious and cultural identity by the Hindu community, which has perhaps made secularism a surface phenomenon in India's socio-political processes,”

Hindus have lost self-confidence. They have become passive and apologetic--apologetic about their ideas, their institutions, about themselves and about their very name. They behave as if they are making amends for being Hindus. They have become self-alienated. What is needed is for us to be proud of being Hindus. This judgment by the Supreme Court allows us to do some loud thinking on issues related to Hinduism.

Vote bank politics has become the medium for the separating Sikhs and Baudhs from the Hindus.

Not only Sikhs and Baudh organizations but also Hindu organizations have time to send the message of Supreme Court’s order on Hindu Hindutva and Hinduims door to door. They are walking straight on the line of their nose.



December 11, 1995

On July 2nd, 1995, the Supreme Court of India reversed the High Court judgment, rectifying the RK Mission's mistake, restoring its old identity and salvaging it from a possible internal feud. The judgment is important, important for the Mission itself.

But still various units and personalities think themselves different from the Hinduism.

This episode highlights the legal and constitutional discriminations in India against the Hindu majority, most urgently those in education and temple management. The constitutional bedrock of these discriminations is Article 30, which accords to the minorities the right to set up and administer their own schools and colleges, preserving their communal identity (through the course contents and by selectively recruiting teachers and students), all while receiving state subsidies. This same right is not guaranteed to the majority.















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