Joyous Tears of Mauritius PM and Eight limbed laxmi vs sorrowful abonded Sonu

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Sonu cried ‘Papa Papa’, yet parents of Bihar abandoned her. Opposite to this Eight Limbed Laxmi’s parents of Bihar love for her two year old daughter prevented them from selling Laxmi to the highest bidder. Vishwamitra demanded Ram and Laxman from Drashrath to kill demons; Maoists want to kill innocent people and police.




PM of Mauritius in his native village

Should we learn from PM of Mauritius, 60-year-old Navinchandra Ramgoolam who keeps his foot on his native village, Harigaon, for the first time in his life? His grandfather had been taken to Mauritius over 130 years ago as an indentured labourer.

An emotional Ramgoolam, eyes welled and voice choked, said, "Man gadgad ho gayil, aankh me aansu bhar gayil" (I am extremely delighted and my eyes are tearful)," to the jubilant crowd, which had gathered near the pond named as Moheeth Sarovar, in the memory of his grandfather, Moheeth Ramgoolam.

She cried ‘Papa Papa’, yet parents of Bihar abandoned her. Would they feel the value of tears?

Ramgoolam vs Ramdrohi

Ramgoolam feels proud to get his name to be Ram bhakt. There are Ramdrohis in India who wants to ruin Ram Setu. Even 98% Christian populated Croatia's president wants to save Ram Setu. Christian Ambika Soni, Italian Origin Christian Sonia Gandhi, atheist Left and DMK wish differently. 


Sonu pleaded 'Papa, Papa'…………

Sonu pleaded 'Papa, Papa'. But it failed to change the minds of her parents as they abandoned their 12-year-old girl at the Lalgarh station in Bikaner, local media reported.

Sonu, a resident of Khetwali area in Bihar, was happy when her parents told her they were going to visit Rajasthan.

"First I was taken to Ramdevra shrine near Pokhran in Jaisalmer district for prayers. Then my parents brought me to a temple in Bikaner. But at the railway station they told me that I would have to live here on my own," Sonu said with tears in her eyes.


Eight Limbed Laxmi lucky

Eight Limbed Laxmi’s parents of Bihar love for her two year old daughter prevented them from selling Laxmi to the highest bidder.

The two-year old twins are joined at the pelvis and have two pairs of arms and legs, but only Lakshmi has a head. This type of conjoining is called ischiopagus.

As news of her birth spread among the 500 inhabitants of Rampur Kodar Katti in Arhariya in North Bihar - a remote settlement without electricity or running water - men, women and children queued for a darshan, or blessing, from the baby.

Her parents are casual labourers and are both in their twenties.

Parents named her Lakshmi- believing her to be a re-incarnation of the divine goddess.

Their love for her prevented them from selling Lakshmi to the highest bidder. They refused the offer of a Delhi based circus owner who wanted to use Lakshmi in his shows.

Her parents kept her in hiding to save her daughter from those bidders.

She is undergoing a 40-hour operation to save her life in Bangalore and in the last laxmi got re-life.

Lost science discovered: See videos of eight limbed Laxmi’s Surgery


Why did Vishwamitra want Ram Laxaman from Dashrath?

Rishi Vishwamitra visited Dashrath, the King of Ayodhya. The Rishi had his abode in Siddhashram in the forests of the present days Buxar. The king welcomed him and received him with great respect. Vishwamitra was pleased with his hospitality. The king asked in humble words the reason that the sage had come for. The sage lamented that he had been performing a yajna in his ashram in the forest, but had not been able to complete it, because he was being disturbed in his prayers by the wicked demons Maricha and Subahu and their followers.

Vishwamitra begged Dashrath his two sons to protect his (Vishwamitra’s) place from demons by killing them, "O king! Please do not worry, your sons are divine, Ram, Laxman, Ram is Super Self, the avatar, please joyously provide me O man!"

As Ram and his younger brother Laxman were of very tender age at that time so the king’s heart was filled with fear. Ram was a young lad of sixteen. Also, he was his favourite son. He did not want to send the boy to face and fight the evil demons. Vishwamitra could see that the king was worried, but he kept quiet. Dashrath did not intend to fulfill the desire of Vishwamitra but lastly agreed on the sage’s request on persuasion of the family-priest Guru Vashisth. Why Sonia being a Christian in hoardings as Durga again and again

Opposite to above Maoists-Naxalites in Bastar of Chhattisgarh want one son and one daughter from every home to make Maoist for killing innocent people and Police. After hearing this fatwa on Feb 18, 2008, 110 villagers including 50 children of 22 tribal family of a village of Khairagarh (Chhattisgarh) left their homes with their children for safety of their lives. Now Chhattisgarh government has started ‘salva judum’ in Rajnandgaon Dist also. The above said village of Khairagarh comes under the Rajnandgaon Dist. Congress Party and Left parties oppose ‘Salva Judum’. Though this has been started and still is favored by the opposition Congress leader Mahendra Karma. These parties even call time to time so called international lawyers, Human right activists, NGOs and the few leading journalists of their ideology for giving moral and political support to spread Maoism.

CPI cashing in on Naxal-Salwa Judum conflict

By-   Nitin Mahajan


Congress vandalism in Orissa C’garh assembly

Rahul Gandhi starts his road show now from Orissa and Chhattisgarh without touching the dense of Maoists. Congress attacked ruling BJP-BJD and stalled the assembly-proceedings. They can’t be join hand to fight Maoists. Does Rahul know where Bastar or Malajkhand is? What is Maoism or Gandhism? He perhaps knows Gandhism means gandhigiri.


Rahul Gandhi’s walk for discovery of India

After Columbus Western cultured Nehru discovered India in his book ‘Discovery of India’. After Nehru now Rahul Gandhi is going to discover India by his road dancing from Orissa. Chhora Sadak Ka: Reverse Car drive road show of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi and his sister had born in Italy, so by birth both are with their mother also Italian Citizens according to the Italian constitution. He said in a time that he would learn Indian culture from her mother. Now he is going to search the domar and cemented roads, not muddy direful pagdandis.

In the hope of being PM, he becomes ‘Rahul baba’. Where are his girl friends? Rahul in Gandhigiri to Marry: Pressure on Sonia















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