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  Nuke deal nukes Nandigram
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By - Premendra Agrawal


Tags: Nuke deal nukes Nandigram Prabhash Joshi Arundhati Roy Collective Responsibility Das Munshi Pranab Sonia Gandhi Political film Congress culture Leadership Cong-Left Riot Godhara Trinmool UPA Jalianwala Secular communal encounter; tag this

* Media reported on 19-11-07 : At yesterday’s All India Congress Committee session, neither Manmohan Singh nor Sonia Gandhi had said a word on the latest bloodshed in Nandigram.

Both were also invisible at the time of their government sponsored Vandematram Day.

* No senior Congress leader, neither party Chief Sonia Gandhi nor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, visited Nandigram.



* No central-level Congress leader or those in government have at any time during the last eleven months of orgy of violence has visited Nandigram. Not even after 14 were killed in police firing of March 14 or hundreds were murdered by CPI (M)’s private army over the past one week.

Where is Prabhash Joshi

Where is Prabhash Joshi, resident editor of Indianexpress group who went to praise Maoist in Nepal and reached in i Chhattisgarh in the support of the prisoned Sen the leader of PUCL?


Where is Aundhati Roy

Where is Aundhati Roy, the spokes person of Anti-India elements? Her father married with a Christian lady. Recently she visited Bastar to spread naxalite poison in the tribal Bastar.

Why Shivraj Patil has five Guns and Naxal enrolled him as his father?



Nandigram is a rural area in Purba Medinipur district of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located about 70 km south-west of Kolkata, on the south bank of the Haldi River, opposite the industrial city of Haldia. The area falls under Haldia Development Authority. The West Bengal government decided that the Salim Group of Malaysia would set up a chemical hub at Nandigram under the SEZ policy. There is coninuous opposition of SEZ by the villagers. For this they are being crushed by the armed cadres of the CPI (M) and its West Bengal Government.


Where is Collective Responsibility?

No one forgets the wrestling between Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu being the memer of Mr. Singh’s cabinet. Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav and Shri Ram Vilas even publicly leveled against each other grave charges of corruption.

Minority Card: Morley-Minto Vs Moiley-Antuley


Wrestling drama of Das Munshi and Pranab Mukherji

Now the show piece of silent and verbal wrestling is going on between two Union minister Pranab Mkherjee and Priya Ranjan Das Munshi. Read the Union information and Broadcasting Minister Prya Ranjan Das Munshi’s priya sweet words, “Bengal Congress will have to launch a movement against the ruling Leftists on their own and not with one eye on Delhi .” Pranab Mukherjee, Congress pointsman in the joint committee with left for nuclear deal, has been silent on Nandigram too. Is this going on without the wishes of Sonia Gandhi?


Sonia is a director of Political film of Congress culture

Who can forget the words of Natwar Singh that not a single leave move without the wishes of Sonia Gandhi. Chairman of Telangana Regional Development Board V. Purshottam Reddy has said that convincing AICC president Sonia Gandhi on the need to take an early decision on separate Statehood was the only solution.

Six 6s of Yuvraj vs Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK


Congress leadership to bury Congress

West Bengal Congressmen are training their guns on party supremo, Sonia Gandhi, fearing their political future in the state in the wake of Nandigram killings. The same happened at the time of Lalu-Rabri raj in Bihar as Sonia-Rahul raj in Congress and their encroachment on the UPA government. Sonia buried the grave of Congress in Bihar to compromise Lalu against the wishes of Bihar Congress. Sonia buried the Congress in Keral and minimize in West Bengal to compromise with the Left to remain in power.

‘Gandhi Lao, Congress harao’


Cong-Left Honeymoon

Fingers are being raised at the Congress president for covert quid pro quo deal with the Left to ensure survival of the UPA government and pushing ahead with the nuclear deal in exchange of Sonia and Centre’s silence on Nandigram. This is in sharp contrast to Sonia’s activism in Kalinagar in Orissa, state congress leaders are pointing out.

Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance

On January 2, 2006 , 13 tribals were killed when police opened fire on hundreds who were protesting against land acquisition for ‘mega steel projects’ in Kalinganagar. On January 11, Sonia Gandhi with Union home minister Shivraj Patil in tow landed in Kalinganagar, to show solidarity with the protestors and condemn the death of tribals.


Dynasty in CPI (M)

As Congress is the property of Nehru Gandhi dynasty, CPM also has come under the control of Karat Dynasty. As Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for Congress, Prakash and Vrinda karat is for CPM. No one heard about Prakash karat couple before UPA came to power. They are known for Maoist in Nepal and Naxals in India . Their there is no contribution in the main stream of national development.


Dark is the nation and insane the king

I recall the story “Andher Nagari, Chaupat Raja ( Dark is the nation and insane the king) ”, where the King sentences a thin man, who’s innocent, to the gallows instead of the fat convict, whose guilt has been proven, just because the noose won’t fit him!


Legal Bribery

She even announced compensation of Rs 5 lakh each for those who fell to police bullets. For for Nandigram, she is yet even to speak Congress high command’s muted response to Nandigram killings, despite numerous attempts to apprise Delhi by state level leaders like Sudip Bandopadhyay, Manas Bhuiyan and Subrata Mukherjee, is being seen by state leaders as clear pointers of a Congress-Left deal. Several of these leaders have seriously started to take a re-look at their own political future after Sonia’s inaction in Nandigram.

The above is copied of this: The UPA government decided to give Rs 7 lakh as compensation to 5,000 so-called riot victims in Gujarat . But there was no mention of relief for the karsevaks who were burnt at Gaohdra.

Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee said, “A lot is being said about Nandigram being a gift to Congress for left support to nuclear deal. For the past several months, I have been writing to the home minister, the Prime Minister and the Congress president on Nandigram. But I have not got any response.”


Massacre of Jalianwala Bagh has come back in Nandigram

Give full marks to Marx. Congress and Left have fixed the political cricket match. UPA vowed to wipe out farmers & soldiers in the land of India . Management and love guru should go to WB & naxal area.

Massacre of Jalianwala Bagh has come back in Nandigram: No body can forget Jalianwala Bagh massacre of April 13, 1919 , one of the most inhuman acts of the British rulers in India .

Is blood-rain in Nandigram the beginning of the end of Left rule?


Secular vs communal encounter

Fake encounter was communal because Soharabuddin wanted to be a don of Malwa and Nandigram Fake Encounter was secular. In Gujarat accused communal police officers are sent in jail but in West Bengal neither police nor CPM cadres are charge sheeted because they are secular. Farmers, Soldiers and Security force are forced to make suicides due to the UPA government’s policy. Is it not non-violent fake encounter?














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