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By Premendra Agrawal



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Equal Protection Under the Law is True Equality. A broken nose is a broken nose whether it’s on a man or a woman. There should be Domestic harmony Act. Is Domestic Violence Act a shield or sword?


There was a protest by wives hunted husbands in Vadodara on Dec 18 with the slogan boards in their hands:”Purush teri yahi kahani; munh men moonchh aur aankon men paani” The slogan was the copy of “Abala jivan teri yahi kahani; aanchal men hai doodh aur aakhon men paani,”




IAS officer in the Defense Ministry Vikash Chadra Bose who married before eight years is now in the street due to this newly invented Domestic Violence Act. He and his other family members are hiding themselves this and that because of the police complaint filed by the wife of the IAS officer that he is impotent and her two sons are took birth by her and the brother of his husband. Vikash Chandra Bose said how does he become suddenly impotent? Though, she lived happily with him eight years without any written or verbal complaint. Huge money has been invested by him in the name of his wife through LIC and other means. This is the gift of Renuka Chaudhary’s law to an IAS officer.


WCD Minister Renuka Chaudhary gave a statement on national television saying, “It is men’s turn to suffer”. Does she want wrestling between husband and wife, man and wom en? Minister herself admitted that there would be misuse of the DW Act. Then what is remedy if any one misuses the Act?


Renuka Chaudhary gave a statement on national television saying, “It is men’s turn to suffer”. Does she want wrestling between husband and wife, man and women?


In most of Indian families, men are the main bread earners of the house. If you are subjecting them to jails, you are depriving all of his dependents in family from the family’s source of income who will be miserably affected.


The process under which Domestic Violence Act is currently promoted in our country is clearly being duplicated by the United Nations. America has also followed it by VAWA.


Days after the UNICEF commented that legislations for safeguarding women and children rights are poorly enforced; Women and Child Development minister Renuka Chowdhary said the states have been asked to constitute a separate machinery to deal with cases related to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2006. The minister has also directed the states to take help of NGOs and self help women groups in identifying protection officers, as stipulated under the new law.


IPC 498A (dowry law) was enacted to protect women from unlawful dowry demands is now become a formidable weapon to harass and blackmail the husband and in-laws. 98% of the cases filed under this law are false.


The Supreme Court also commented on poor drafting of Section 2(s) of the Act,
which defines 'shared household'. Terming the definition of 'shared household' Supreme Court said. Section 17(1) of the Act says that every woman in a domestic relationship shall have the right to reside in a shared household, whether or not she has any right, title or beneficial interest in it.


Domestic Violence Act comes to obey UN:

As India other countries are also made bias law on the basis of UN guidance. This becomes International problem.


Terri Lynn Tersak has written an open letter by his web-blog to the President George Bush. According to him study is flawed is a huge understatement. He has joined women and men from around the world who are speaking out against this report.


Kris Titus of Fathers 4 Justice of Canada observes
“Until we stop looking at this issue through gender specific-glasses, we will never solve it. A broken nose is a broken nose whether it’s on a man or a woman.”


Mary Cleary of Amen (Abused MEN) notes
“Amen, the lead organization in Ireland dealing with male victims of domestic abuse, rejects the anti-man bias in the UN Report/Study on Violence Against Women,”


Erin Pizzey, international founder of refuges (shelters) for victims of domestic violence, United Kingdom :
“For the last 30 years the UN has been infiltrated and brain-washed by feminist activists, thus the UN has published its Study on Violence against Women. This study is a Chimera* and must be resisted by everyone.
* Chimera: A fire-breathing female monster with a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail (Greek mythology )”

The CDC report of May 19, 2006 also confirmed that there are over 150 previous studies have found females are equally likely as males to engage in domestic violence and again, the female rate was slightly higher in most of these studies (See


The Trends in Intimate Violence Intervention conference was held in New York City from May 22-25, 2006. During which several scientists presented studies and papers that show it is males who comprise the largest victim’s group where IPV and dating violence is concerned and women are the largest perpetrator group.

Recently Professor Murray Straus, co-director of the Family Research Lab at the University of New Hampshire, completed an international study on partner violence among university students. His queries of more than 13,600 students revealed that the most common instance of partner violence is mutual abuse.

The second most common situation of partner violence is when the female is the perpetrator against the male, he said. This leaves the reverse — when males abuse females — to be the least common in practice, although the most common in publicity


As reported from Vadodara on Dec 18, after women activists rallied for the Domestic Violence Act, it is now the turn of men, mainly ‘harassed’ husbands, to unite under the banner of the All India Crime Against Men by Women Sangh, formed in 1997.


‘‘There is a senior police official too, but he has requested anonymity as it would harm his career. Most of them are harassed by trumped-up court cases, as the law favours women,’’ said Devda.

Like Devda another quoted “A lot of people do not report because they fear that once their partners are convicted they will get divorced.”


Braving ridicule and even public shame at being labeled henpecked husbands, the members sat on a protest dharna against the Act at Gandhi Nagargruh, and poured out marital woes of ill-treatment at the hands of their wives and in-laws.

Dashrath Devda, the Ahmedabad-based Sangh president, rattles off statistics: one lakh pending cases against aggrieved husbands in Gujarat , and a membership of 22,116 members across the state.


‘‘People laugh at us, many don’t even believe that we could be harassed. At one point, I even contemplated suicide,’’ said Hasmukh Limbachiya, who is not divorcing his wife for the sake of their three children, who are with his wife at her parents’ house.


Prakash Hansar, who works for Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), is in a piquant situation. His wife, to whom he has been married for 20-odd years, works in the police force. He is battling a maintenance case as well as charges for abetting her suicide attempt. ‘‘They took away my daughter, and there are these cases too. Since she works in the police she knew exactly on what charges to implicate me,’’ said Hansar.


‘Anti-men’ laws
* IPC Section 498(A): For demanding dowry and mental harassment. They say wives misuse it leading to non-bailable warrants and arrest
* IPC Section 406: For breach of trust and demanding stree dhan. They say that wives seize their property after seeking police protection, leaving the husband on road
* CrPC-125: For maintenance. They say that wives manage to get maintenance following court orders, and if the husband is not earning he has to undergo imprisonment
* DVA-2005: They say that the law is dangerous and will break the institution of marriage


There is not a provision that a woman who misuses the law will be punished as severely as a man is prescribed to be punished .


If a man insults a woman, he can be jailed for a year. If woman insults man then Act is silence. Is not necessary to protect a woman from another woman? Also, is it not domestic violence if a woman insults a man?


According to the law, if a woman asks for money from a man and if the man is not able to provide it, then the woman can get the man jailed. However, the law prevents man from asking money from the woman.


Act says that after the complaint is registered, the man will have no right to communicate with the woman in any ways. Why is divide and rule policy as politics here also?


Domestic Violence Act has established a price to emotional distress and mental torture and ordering the man to pay to the woman as compensation.


According to the Act accused is guilty until proven innocent, and the woman need not prove her allegations.


The Act says that if a woman does not have a legal title over the man’s property, if she has some interest, she can demand the property legally using domestic violence bill.


The Act further says that if a man ridicules, humiliates or abuses the woman sexually or violates the dignity of the woman, he is subjecting the woman of domestic violence. Why is gender bias in dignity?


Even if the assets, bank account/locker solely belongs to the husband, the woman has the rights to demand from the man legally according to domestic violence bill.


The bill can easily break millions of families. WCD ministry is destroying Indian families and marriage? The biased Domestic Violence Act is a threat to the Indian culture, which should not have been implemented without the provisions of counterchecks. The Domestic Violence Act, degenerates family harmony in the society.



By Premendra Agrawal