Swiss focal point for Mr Sonia Zardari

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By - Premendra Agrawal




The battle for power in Pakistan took a fresh twist on Feb 20 when the government reinvigorated a Swiss corruption case against the opposition leader Asif Zardari on the eve of post-election power sharing talks that threaten President Pervez Musharraf. Government lawyers urged a court in Geneva to prosecute Zardari - whose Pakistan People's party won the most seats in  election of Feb 18- on 10-year-old charges of stashing $55m in kickbacks in a Swiss bank account.




As published at <> on Feb 21, Zardari makes clear that he is not Prime Ministerial candidate.

Switzerland seems to be the focal point for Gandhi family.


How can be Mr. Sharif?

Neither Zardari nor Sharif ran for parliamentary seats themselves and so cannot immediately serve as prime minister. Zardari is expected to run for a seat to qualify, though, and Sharif could do the same. Zardari said that he is Sonia of Pakistan to rule from backdoor. He is called Mr. Sonia by the spokesperson of PPP. Mush moves against Mr. Sonia Zardari, Sharif


Milking of dynasty name artificially created

It is said that name of Gandhi dynasty was created to get the sympathy of majority Hindus and the goodwill of Mahatma Gandhi. Like that Bilwal Zardari Bhutto name is created artificially to make fool the members of PPP.

Milking of dynasty name by Zardari as Sonia and Rahul

Should Anti-Gandhism leaders change their ‘Gandhi’ surname?

Bilawal son of Zardari is not President of his party in the name of Bilawal Zardari only. He became PPP president to be called Bilawal Zardari Bhutto.

Pak’s Sonia: Zardari’s zardaa


As published at: Newslinkage

 "If our party wins a majority in next month's elections, I will not take a cabinet post but will act like Sonia Gandhi, as an advisory figure without a seat in Parliament," the PPP leader, who was made the party's co-chairman following the assassination of his wife, said in an interview published in The Sunday Times

Benazir’s son Bilawal, will now be called as Bilawal Bhutto Zardaril. Sonia Gandhi’s name tours to grab power to ride in two boats. Italian Origin Christian Congress President’s ‘Sonia’ name is a Russian name which was given by her father. She took Gandhi surname to cash the blind followers ‘bhakti’ towards Gandhi dynasty.   

Bilawal said that Zardari would "take care" of the party while he continued his studies. Zardari then told reporters to direct questions at him, saying his son was at a "tender age." It means remote control will be in the hands of his father Zardari. Zardari will act as Su

Zardari’s Zardaa may be popular if manufactured in future as Big Brother’s Jade Goody perfume Shh was popular in Britain.


U S, Pak, Militants allies of each other

US will work with new Pakistan leaders. Musharraf said he would work with anybody but not leave presidentship. Nawaz Sharif main agenda is to throw Musharraf but PPP whole sole authorities Zardari will not fulfill this wish, though he is against Mush.

Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds is in terror to see the Pakistan’s confused seen. He said Wednesday he was almost certain to make himself unavailable if the scheduled tour of troubled Pakistan goes ahead.

President Bush on Feb 20 called Pakistan's elections a "part of the victory in the war on terror" though his ally in ‘war on terror’ Musharraf has been defeated.

Iran-Laden invited Bush to convert in Islam. Now Laurel-Hardy Hugo Chavez called Bush ‘The Devil’ in UN to salt on wound. Karzai said Pak, which s partner of US in ‘War against terror’ is haven for terrorists. MM shook hand with Mush to sink in blind well. Details on article titled ‘ Ant-Chavez attacked Elephant Bush in United Nations’ dated Sept 21, 06

The victors of Pakistan's parliamentary elections said on Feb 19 that they would take a new approach to fighting Islamic militants by pursuing more dialogue than military confrontation, and that they would undo the crackdown on the media and restore independence to the judiciary

Massive electoral defeat to parliamentary allies of President Pervez Musharraf, trusted bulwark against Al-Qaeda and Taliban rebels since 2001 for Washington is a blow to Bush.


Tit for tat may be followed

Both party leaders Late Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif were in exile due to Musharraf.

The election of a hostile Parliament is expected to further marginalize the president, or even push him out, in a country where power traditionally lies with elected prime ministers or the military chiefs who have overthrown them.

The coming of present hung government reminds failings of civilian governments in the 1990s. American officials were particularly skeptical of Zardari, who has faced corruption charges in Pakistan and abroad and has come to his current position of leadership only through his wife's death.


Defamed feathers in the crowns of Sharif and Zardari

As crown of Sonia Gandhi is decorated by defamed feathers such as Bofors to Oil for Food scams like that defamed Sharif and Zardari have also kept defamed feathers decorated crowns on their heads.

But Zardari and Sharif have reasons to bear grudges. Zardari, who returned from exile only after Bhutto's death, spent eight years in prison on murder and corruption charges under the government of Sharif. Musharraf was army chief at the time.

Sharif was thrown out of the government in 1999 by Musharraf, who mounted a coup and arrested and then exiled him. Many Pakistanis agree that the governments of Bhutto and Sharif did not distinguish themselves. Both were ridden with corruption.

Zardari faces rumblings and distrust in his party, and it was not clear how well the negotiations between him and Sharif would proceed. The talks, which are expected to begin soon, are likely to be protracted. Due to this reason he facilitated to make his son Bilawal the President of PPP.















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