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  Fake Secularism bowed on Taslima: Who is World’s biggest liar?
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By - Premendra Agrawal


Tags: World Biggest Liar Biryani Kickback Naxal Maoist Secular Communal Fake Encounter US China Nukes Nuclear Decoit in red army Politicians sleep Coma Clone Stone throwing Love story Nandi WB Kolkata CPI (M) Left Troop Untouchable caste; tag this

Vote bank politics of fake secular Leftist W B Govt throws Taslima into Rajasthan as RAjiv Gandhi went against Supreme Cuourt’s order on Shah Bano Case.



“Hamari marji ham yah Karen voh Karen”

W B State Govt wants to throw Taslima outside of West Bengal to follow the secularism of Bangladesh . Modi could be blocked to enter in West Bengal . Italian origins with Italian citizenship can be imported to lead Congress. Govinda says “hamari marji ham yah Karen voh Karen”. What a time we are witnessing. This is the freedom we got.

Nishabd Film & Prof Batuk Nath Chaudhary

Indian politics is competing fishmarket and even madhouse.

Truth of Intelligent mad and Diary of a madman in Indian Politics


In foolish meet, donkeys’ fair, stone throwing festival, latthmar holi and body builders’ biryani eating competition generally politicians are barred.


Is this not racism casteism communalism? Question is raised mainly by so called fake secular leaders. Fake seculars are panic for not inclusion of them. They may also take objection on my article:

Who is in India more racist than Noble Prized James Watson


John “Johnny Liar”

Biggest Liar Biryani vs kickback eat competition

The “world’s biggest liar” John “Johnny Liar” Graham has been crowned on Nov 15, 07, after telling a tale about a German World War II submarine invading Britain to capture digital television decoders. Annual competition of tall tales is held at the Bridge Inn in Santon Bridge , in the heart of Britain ’s Lake District national park.


Recent winners have included one competitor who claimed the mountainous Lake District was formed not by ice or volcanic action but by large moles and eels. Another claimed to have discovered the existence of mermaid farms.

Competitors have five minutes to tell the biggest fib without the aid of props. Politicians and lawyers are barred from entering as they are judged to be too skilled at telling porkies. Professon or business of both is to lie. They will die in hunger without adopting lie.


World’s biggest liar in India

Now it is clear that due to Nadigram and direction from its boss China , CPI (M) took U Turn. Statement of Congress is a white lie. Congress and Left are the clones of Goebbels.

Human clone vs Plolitical clone


The Congress on Nov 21, 07 said the Left climbdown on the Indo-US nuclear deal had no co-relation with the party's stand on the Nandigram.


Naxal-Maoist communal in Nepal and WB; secular in………

Naxal Maists are secular in BJP led states but communal and outsider in West Bengal .

Home minister Shivraj Patil today blamed “outside” elements for the violence in Nandigram, and refused to put the blame on Maoists, punching a big hole in the Left’s defence of the West Bengal Government’s handling of the violence in Nandigram.

Why Shivraj Patil has five Guns and Naxal enrolled him as his father?


Secular and communal fake encounter

Gujarat Fake encounter was communal because Soharabuddin wanted to be a don of Malwa and Nandigram Fake Encounter was secular. In Gujarat accused communal police officers are sent in jail but in West Bengal neither police nor CPM cadres are charge sheeted because they are secular.

Fake Encounters: Violent and Non-Violent


AIMF blames CPI (M)

Trouble started in Kolkata when a protest programme organised by the All India Minority Forum (AIMF) to block roads over the issue of Nandigram and stay of Taslima Nasreen turned violent. Is this result of vote bank politics played by Congress and Left to allow Bangladeshi infiltration, reservation for Muslims and Christian conveted dalits and execution of Sachar Committee direction?


' China troops surrounded India 's border’ – Expressindia Nov 21, 07

There was news, China ’s soldiers have entered in Arunachal.

Sonia said that India has too much to learn from China !


India on Nove 21, 07 finally began formal negotiations with the world atomic body, the IAEA for a safeguards agreement - the next critical step in the Indo-US nuclear deal. And on Nov 21, 07 there were indications from China that Beijing may not stand in the way of the deal when India goes to the 45 countries of the Nuclear Suppliers Group that has to clear it.


US and China nukes India through nuke deal

China and US both treat India ’s nuclear sovereignty a threat. Former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh showed sorrowness in China for Pokhran. PM Manmohan Singh said in the ear of Bush in US that BJP was the obstrucle in the way of Indo US Nuke Deal. Congress gives these types of political fool leaders to us. They make fool Indian people instead of US or China .


Decoits in Red army

The CID on Nov 18 arrested a hardened dacoit from a state government guesthouse of West Bengal in East Midnapore and said he and his gang had joined the operation to recapture Nandigram.

Sheikh Selim alias Selim Naskar of South 24-Parganas, accused in over two dozen armed robberies, had been invited by the CPM to Khejuri for his expertise, officers said

Rented Fake Govt:  Wife Womb Barati for Hire


Where politicians sleep there will be less damage

Satish Kumar a man from India of HARTLAND, A SMALL village nestled in the South West of England expresses his wish that politicians have more time to sleep. There is no doubt that the longer the leaders sleep, the less the world will be damaged. He is simply revealing his genuine wish that today's political leaders should be spiritually reborn and become peaceful in their mind.

Warning bell to Leaders on Independence Day


Peoples are incoma instead of leaders

But instead of leaders, people of India are sleeping. This is the tragedy of us in our democracy.

How many years are we in coma? MLC in 3 yrs coma attended assembly


Who is untouchable caste?

Has fake secular political class not become the untouchable caste instead of SC/ST and Hindu organizations?

Untouchable political caste vs. SC/ST


Stone-throwing to mark love story

Since ages people belonging to two villages — Pandurna and Sanwar Gaon of Madhya Pradesh — have been keeping their tradition live. The tradition is stone throwing to mark an ageold love story. “it is a very old tradition. Even my great great grandfathers participated in the festival. We enjoy it very much” said villagers.

It is said that a youth from Pandurna fell in love with a girl from Savargaon. The couple tried going across the river to Pandurna but people from Sanwar Gaon, unhappy at the incident, started pelting stones at them. The Pandurna villagers retaliated providing the couple a few chances to cross the river safely. Later the couple married in a local temple.

Recreating the legendary love story to this day the villagers of Sanwar Gaon erect a flag, personifying the girl, in the middle of the river.

Like that our leaders throw mudy stones on each other to salute democracy and no-violence of Mahatma Gandhi. Though, they live in glass houses.


Biryani vs kickbacks eating competion

‘Pride of Hyderabad’, a Hyderabadi cuisine speciality restaurant that is a part of the Anmol hotel group, embarked on a novel, friendly and unique contest ‘Hyderabadi Biryani Eating. “ Hyderabad is a city of Nawabs and Kababs, Biryani and Sherwani.

Body builders compete during a unique biryani eating challenge held at a hotel in Hyderabad.


Kickback game: Sonia does all sins and holy work through her blind followers. She is all for the Government without accountability. She played the kickback game of Bofors, Oil for Food and War Room leakage scams through her distance family member Quattrocchi, her blind follower Natwar Singh and through Abhishek Verma, son of Congress MP respectively.














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