Gandharv Marriage in Bollywood and Politics
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By - Premendra Agrawal



Are gandharv marriage between “Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt” “Sakozy and Bruni” and “Left-Congress-Third Front” knots unbreakable as fevicol ad?



There is slightly difference between love affairs or gandharv vivah (Secret marriage) whatever may be between ‘Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt’ and ‘Sarkozy and Bruni’. Sarkozy is a divorced man in romance with his girl friend divorced Italian born singer Bruni as left and with Italian born led congress.


Right left walk of political romance is towards separation. Love of greedy politicians to share power, deceives people. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left.

They falsely claim and copy the fevicol ad time to time that their love is strong, not breakable. Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance

Sanjay dutt’s wife was dead. He loved much his daughter Trishala from his first wife Richa Sharma.

“Tough guys don't cry. But whenever I think of Trishala, I break down.” Sanjay Dutt quote. Sanjay got bail for Daughter Trishala Dutt


Gandharv Marriage in Bollywood

A prominent half-page colour advertisement in a Marathi newspaper, greeting Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on his 82nd birthday with revealing caption: "From Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt" below a large photograph of a reclining Bal Thackeray, indicates that the troubled film star Sanjay Dutt may have tied the knot with his live-in companion, an indication confirmed by Bollywood sources.

Is this a Gandharv Marriage?


Live-in relationship and break-as-you-like culture and Sarlozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and late Rajiv Gandhi acted in their lives as Romeo and Juliet. Both fell in the love of Italian origin beauties. Italian Romance of French President and Rajiv Gandhi

You may find also the details of Ex-Waitress wives of two youngest PMs: Stanislav Gross Czech Prime Minister and Rajiv Gandhi at: Ex-Waitress-Wives of two youngest Prime Ministers: Video of Oct 2

India is more forward than France on the matter of globalization of romance and marriages. French President follows the path of Late Rahul Gandhi.


Gandharv Vivah (Secret Marriage) Love Marriage

Gandharva marriage is a form of love marriage. The Live-in system is a modified version of tht Gandharva-Vivah. Here the bride and the bridegroom get married secretly without the knowledge of their parents. This marriage reminds us of the love affair of Sakuntala and Dusyanta, Daksheya and Prajapati, Bhima with Hidimba; Kamdeva and Rati and Kach and Devyani etc. You are in mistaken if you compare these with the Sanjay, Sarkozy, Left Congress and Third front like marriages of convenience breakable any time.

After the misunderstanding due to the loss of memory was cleared up Shakuntala was accepted as the queen of Dushyanta, their son Sarvadaman became an emperor called Bharat. There was no divorce between Shakuntala and Dushyanta, only a temporary separation caused by Dushyanta's loss of memory regards.

The youth of Bharat lions of India is not in a coma. If he is able to attempt to communicate, but lack the ability to convey the words, it is not coma. King Bharat, son of Dushyant and Shakuntala was ended the dynasty system and that was the beginning – Bharat’s Democracy? Oh! Awake, Lions awake again! Wake up Lions, heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat

The roar of Dushyant’s Bharat has the power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism forces those hear their sound, proved by the research in the science.. Roar of the sons of Dushyant’s Bharat has power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism


Live-in-relationship vs Information technology IT

If we overlooked the European culture, and talk about our Indian culture than we think that freedom is not as the fake seculars think as per their convenience. 

I have read one comment of a girl somewhere: There must be standards while doing anything. Just ad-hoc kind of behavior based on emotion or that moment of time will lead to extinction. Take the example of Information Technology. Why there are so many frameworks like ITIL, ISO, BS etc., etc., in place?. If we don't do things in a systematic way, then after sometime we will not be able to control them.

Indian culture did promote this kind of relationships. Look at the women like Draupadi, Kunthi etc. They all had abnormal relationships.

A Hindu marriage performed by chanting popular mantras is referred to as Brahm vivah – a union devoted to the eternal spirit.


Ways of getting marriage

According to Hindu literature, there are several ways of getting married. Brahm (related to the Eternal Spirit), Dev (related to the gods), Aarsh (related to sages), Prajapatya (related to kings), Asur (related to demons), Gandharv (related to the Gandharv community – a love marriage), Rakshas (related to demons and evil spirits) and Paisach (related to Satan)

Amongst the many benefits of marriage, friendship, companionship, development of emotional maturity, sexual satisfaction, having children, physical and emotional health and long life are the most significant. Besides all these important characteristics, the ability to face problems together and the deep sense of attachment that emerges in marriage helps promote happiness.


Sarekozy to visit TAJ world’s most romantic spots

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who arrives in New Delhi on Jan 25 on a two-day visit, will be chief guest at India's Republic Day parade on Jan 26, after which he will leave for the Taj.


Sikhs to protest turban ban

Sikh organisations are planning to organise a series of protests against French president Nicholas Sarkozy’s India visit to express their resentment against the French legislation that bars Sikhs from wearing turbans in France in 2004.


Taslima vs MF Hussain and Vande Mat Rome

India ruled by fake seculars Left supported Congress led UPA has opposed a French government move to present a prestigious award to controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen in New Delhi during.

Their secularism allows awards to MF Hussain. Is MF Hussain ambassador of Gandhis Govt abroad as Quattrocchi?


Italian origin Mata (Mother) of fake seculars

MF Hussain has made nude paintings of Bharat Mata. Lovefools of Gandhi dynasty and fake seculars know only one Italian origin mata. Vande Mat Rome: Law maker MP slaps his voter

Taslima Nasreen said, “Nothing happens to MF Hussain who has done so many things, while everybody is after my life.” Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma


Gandharv Marriage Congress-Left equal to Sakozy-Bruni

Opposing the recent Supreme Court order making marriage registration certificates mandatory, the New All-India Muslim Personal Law Board said the community would not accept the directive, as it was an infringement of the Muslim. In this sense above said characters don’t follow the order of Supreme Corut.

But the above all characters including Congress and Left follow another order of Supreme Court “Long live-in relationships as good as marriage: SC”

When a man and woman live together for a long spell there would be a presumption in favour of their having been married, unless it is rebutted by convincing evidence, the Supreme Court has held.


Gandharv marriages of Left and Congress with other parties

Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance

They are also habitual in taking divorce frequently. Now Left of CPI (M) and CPI again wants to take divorce from Congress to remarry third front. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left














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