Kosova: US and EU Guardian of Terrorism and Separatism

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Actually terrorism and separatism are the shields for America and EU countries. They manufactured these two international evils to weak the sovereign countries that want to stand equal to America. USSR is an example of it. After the breakup of the former Soviet Union, 12 countries became independent on December 26, 1991.




The haste with which, the Americans recognized the new state, disregarding the absence of UN approval, suggests prior planning on cutting a re-emerging Russia down to size.


Terrorism and Separatism is life saving injection for America and European Union (EU) countries Britain, France and Germany. As British ruled India on the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’, America with its allies rules the world. Terrorism, freedom movement of separatism, religious freedom and democracy are defined and used by them according to their convenience.


Turk launches Cross Border Operation, but not India

As reported at: : Turkish troops have launches a cross border operation into northern Iraq in pursuit of militants of the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkish Military said on Feb 22. America does not oppose this. But US instructs India for not doing cross border operation to destroy the terrorist camps in Pakistan and PoK. It is right or wrong, I am not analyzing here. I want to pin point on the dual policy of US and its allies who recognized Kosova’s independence within a minute. On that basis can they recognize the Kurdish?

Tito sowed the seeds of separatism in Yugoslavia which divided it in six and now seven countries. Tito was a "Father of Nations" as he sometimes liked to be called.

T hree statesmen Jawaharlal Nehru, Josip Broz Tito, and Gamal Abdel Nasser were connected to each other. Trio founded the Non-Aligned Movement. Late Karanjia founder of ‘Blitz’ enjoyed fully the above said three personalities with others such as Krishna Menon, Shah of Iran, Sukarno, Castro and others.

The Serbs are by far the largest ethnic group of Yugoslavia. The next most numerous groups are Croats who are twice fewer in numbers. For sure to rule the country, Tito knew, you have to control the largest ethnic group. Divide and rule. Tito's strategy -- and later on quite openly declared policy -- was "Weaker Serbia = stronger Yugoslavia."


Pt Nehru’s policy was the same: ‘Weaker Hindus=Stronger India’

In India Hindus are politically in minority: Pt Nehru said that he is accidentally born as Hindu. Indira Gandhi married Phiroze Khan after that what was her religion who knows?

Can present Gandhis dare to say that their forefathers were Hindus or Christians or Muslims? Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma

In 1991 the internal republics comprising the country of Yugoslavia divided up and became five separate countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

Serbia and Montenegro claims to be the successor country to the former Yugoslavia so uses the name "Yugoslavia" but it is not recognized as an independent country by many other countries, including the United States. In 2006 Montenegro got independence. Now the six countries that were once part of Yugoslavia are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

America and EU still not satisfied. Their continuous effort is to divide further the Serbia. They want to succeed now by recogniging the independence of Kosova from Serbia.

Russia and China have strongly opposed Kosovo independence, arguing that to recognize a separatist region as a new state without the consent of the country affected sets a dangerous precedent for scores of other territorial conflicts around the world.


Truth behind the suspicion of Russia and China


Russia's Chechen rebels hail Kosovo independence: Chechen rebels fighting to secede from Russia hailed Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence, comparing Pristina's fight against Serbia to their own struggle against Moscow.


On Feb 22 Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad El Malky demanded the establishment of an independent Palestinian State living side by side with Israel in peaceful coexistence.


Taipei promptly congratulated the Kosovars and emphasized the United Nations' need to respect the principle of national self-determination, i.e., Taiwan's claim to sovereignty.


Europe is mistaen as a Kangaroo

Europe is mistaen as a Kangaroo, if he thinks that the wild fire of separatism would not reach up to them. Why is monkey racist for a Kangaroo?

Rambhakts should not be kangaroos to hide head in the sand.


Are we kangaroos?

‘Cheeni kum’ jyadaa and bhai bhai ke Chakkar men Arunanchal

America became blind and dumb towards the India which faces Pakistan sponsored terrorism since last more than two decades. ‘War on Terror’ becomes slogan of U S through Bush after 9/11 when World Trade Centre was attacked by terrorists.


Transforming Terrorism

In the US the Mexicans can never dare dream of an independent Tejas (Texas) or declare independence in parts of California? So US slogan ‘War on terror’ means ‘War for terror’ for whole world except America.

It was not a war on terrorism, as much as it was a war for transforming terrorism into the main platform on which the Western options, interests and strategy stand. And it is a platform generating terrorism as much as it benefits from it. Video: Laden look-alike arrested: Who planned plot, and Why?


European Union

But European Union should not drop his hand on the burnt oil of Kospova’s independence. Joint Mechanism: Can Afzal Guru be pardoned by European Parliament?

Cyprus understandably opposes Kosovo's move, given the pretensions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Turkey, which set up the TRNC, has its own problems to worry about given the ongoing insurgency of Kurdish secessionists. Spain may one day be less than thrilled about Pristina's action if its own Basque separatists are encouraged to rev up their violent campaign. And London, which vied with Washington in its enthusiasm for Kosovo's independence, may have reason to rue that stance if Scotland decides on independence.

In fact, Washington and the Britain, France and Germany of EU -- have created a multitude of international problems with their policy regarding Kosovo. All three governments claim that the Kosovo situation is unique and sets no precedent, but that is an extraordinarily naive view, and other influential countries clearly do not agree.

Kosova is a little piece of stone as the recognition of its independence by America and others. This little stone is thrown in the tank of the unity of the peace loving countries of the world. India is among them.

separatist movements practicing precarious but effective self-rule, such as Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transniestria, Ngorno-Karabakh, Bosnia's Republika Srpska, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as to discontented minorities elsewhere.

US and EU3 recognition to Kosova is a suicide bomb in the hands of terrorists and separatists. Like that Left supported Congress led UPA Government’s policies are suicide bombs.

Congress divides country on caste and religion basis. Congress got power to divide India. It can’t live without power as fish can’t live without water.















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