Married life: love food is greater than cookfood

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By - Premendra Agrawal




Disinclination to cook not a ground for divorce: Madras High Court. Forget love without quarrel if couples want longer life, research says.




Without quarrel what thrill is there in a wedded life! It is said that quarrel weld a wedded life. Wedding itself is a sort of welding which joins two individuals to remain as one for the rest of their life.

Husband wife Quarrel gives longer life: Research


Refusing to cook food not valid reason for divorce

Express India new story of Feb 24: Dismissing an appeal filed by a Kanyakumari-based engineer, who had sought divorce from his wife, Justice G Rajasuriya said, "by no stretch of imagination, a wife's disinclination to cook could be a ground for divorce".

The engineer, who got married in 1999, submitted that his wife refused to cook as she feared handling knives and it amounted to physical and mental cruelty, a ground for divorce.

The judge said that though there was no harm if a husband expected his wife to cook food, it could not be reason for granting divorce on the ground of physical or mental cruelty.

A principal sub-judge in Nagercoil had granted him divorce 2004, but a district judge reversed the order in 2006 on petition by the woman expressing wish to live with him. The engineer filed the present appeal against this order.

Judge Rajasuriya said that it was crystal clear that the ‘temperament’ of the husband towards the wife was not proper.


Never be lovefool: Be lucky to loveful

"Lovefool" is a pop song written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson for The Cardigans’ third studio album First Band on the Moon (1996). The song was featured in the film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. Fearful Dynasty of Lovefool followers: Video & pop song


Don’t be serious: Learn to love

"Yes, she was very beautiful when we got married."

"Then why do you hit her?" I asked.

"Sometimes, badmaashi karti hai, roos jaati hai (she is naughty and sulks), and refuses to cook food."
"Then why don't you cook for her?" The feminist in me wanted to test him.

He retorted, "I do, I make halwa, aloo, puri for her."


Love song and a story

A young man starts off to seek a bride. He finds the girl he wants, but while he is staying her parent’s home, she shows no signs of returning his love. He therefore refuses to take the food she prepared for him. The girl’s mother advises her to love the young man, and then all will be well. He makes plan to win the girl’s love.

Why do you refuse?

I am refusing.

In my heat is the love of refusing.

I wil go to the band of men.

Father! Father!

HE refuses.

Why does he refuse?

He is refusing.

In his heart is the love of refusing.


Be ‘deshi bahu’ instead of ‘videshi bahu’.

Congress treats Videshi bahu as Deshi bahu and Deshi bahu as Videshi bahu. Should Sanjay Dutt behind bar again?

Ability to cook food is valuable jewelry of a bride. Cooking food is not disqualification. Westernized Indian brides should learn a lesson from the following tradition of the tribes of West Bengal and Orissa.


Hill Kharia of Purulia: tribes of West Bengal and Orissa

Groom’s party comes to the bride’s place. The bride’s party place a small quantity of rice oil etc. on a sale plate and requests the groom’s party stating that they have collected afew fruits which they may kindly cook and eat. Groom’s party would say, ”No we are tried. We will eat whatever you prepare.” The bride’s party would say that they have not taken bath for days on end and therefore food may not be their liking. The groom’s party would reply that no, they would not mind. Whatever and however way they would cook food they would eat.

After this it is customary to the groom to undergo a test of ability to demonstrate whether he is capable of looking after his wife by taking the prospective bride with him in a jungle accompanied by a few relatives from each side. There a big tree with a honeycomb in it is selected. The prospective groom then climbs up the tree carrying along with him the bride and also the instruments for breaking the honey comb. If he can successfully negotiate the tree and break the honeycomb then only his claim is accepted.


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