Demilitarization by India in J&K


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Ghost of Nehru Sheikh Abdullah in J&K: Mahabharat III of fake seculars and other Indians will be fought in near future: Mahabharat II was between Nehrus Gandhis and Mukherjee to Jai Praksh Narayan


Shashi Tharoor is a UN bureaucrat. He went to one of those posh Delhi colleges. He wrote a book, the Great Indian Novel, retelling of the great epic, in the modern Indian setting on the basis of ‘Mahabharat’ which is a satirical novel by Shashi Tharoor.


Original ‘Mahabharat’ was written by Brahmrishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient philosopher thinker who was known to be the fountain of all human knowledge, it has been translated into many languages and even presented in ballet form in far off western and oriental countries.


As per this novel in short Gandhi is Bheeshm, Nehru – Dhritarashtra, Subhas Bose – Pandu. Jinnah is Karna, and Pakistan is Karnistan – the hacked off land. Patel is Vidur, Dronacharya – JP Narayan, Indira – Priya Duryodhoni. Desai is Yudhishtir, Draupadi is the Indian democracy, Bheem is the army, Arjun is the press, Nakul-Sahadev is the bureaucracy. The whole thing is told as an octogenarian freedom fighter older statesman Ved Vyas narrating his biography to a bald South Indian note taker with big nose called Gana Pati (Ganapati is another name for Ganesh – Mahabharata was narrated by Ved Vyas to Ganesh). The story works brilliantly until the 1960s, but falls through as the emergency and Janata rule are depicted as Kurukshetra and its aftermath.


Now grounds are taking grounds for Dharm Yuddha III. Actors are the heirs and the followers of the above.


One part of that coming Dharm Yuddha is taking place in J&K. In this article I discuss on that.


Sonia plays peacemaker for J&K. Nehru Sheikh gifted PoK. Their ghosts are in Congress and PDP. After Subhash, Shashtri, Mukherjee now who is in hit list? Whose boot is on the grave of Narsimha Rao? 


Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi stepped in to play the peacemaker in J&K on March 26. She met PDP chief Mufti Mohammed Sayeed to iron out differences that the Congress has with his party over the demand for demilitarization.

The move seemed to have paid off. After the meeting - attended by Defence Minister A K Antony and Congress troubleshooter Ahmed Patel - Mufti appeared positive. “PM will announce about the committee,” said Mufti.


Army of Kauaravas

Please let me know who the solid voters of so called seculars are. They are terrorists, separartists, insurgents inclduding naxalites, infiltrators, Chistian missionaries and the elements who are helping them. All these are seculars for secular forces. This is the reason Rahul Gandhi start his roadshow from the area where these elements are more active. These so called secular-Kaurvas can’t support NDA-pandvas. What will be the shape of NDA in future Kursha or Ved Vyas knows but it will be lead by BJP, this is denfinite.


Manmohan=Bhism, Sonia=Shakuni and Congress=Dhritrashtra

In my opinion Manmohan is acting the role of Bhism, Sonia Gandhi as Shakuni and Congress as Dhritrashtra..


Shakuni was also outsider. For taking revenge he entered Hastinapur.  Sonia Gandhi of Italian origin is also outsider. She had hate with India. Rajiv Gandhi himself wrote about this. She did not take Indian citizenship 15 years. Her father was against the marriage. He never came to India. Quattrocchi and others are only dacoits in India as British India Company in Pre-Independence India.


She and her son also Italian Citizenship of Italy and she owned a house there instead of in India. In the past also she had taken shelter in the Italian embassy at the time of Bangladesh liberation war. So without seizing passport they will ruin India with their open eyes.


Vyas visits Dhritarashtra and offers to bestow divine eyesight unto him but Dhritarashtra is reluctant to see the destruction of his sons. Vyas grants divine eyesight to Sanjay, Dhritarashtra’s charioteer.


Congress saw destruction of his adopted sons in Local bodies election of UP and Maharasshtra. After that she saw downfall her government in Punjab and Uttaranchal. Now Rajkuma Rahul Gandhi has done shilanyas of the ‘sarvnash’ of Congress in coming MCD election of Delhi and assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. One by one she will see the down fall her Kaurvas.


Pakistan finds more allies including Congress CM of J&K Gulam of Afzal and Farooq Abdullah to grab Kashmir. Pak got golden chance to make Kashmir an International issue through Joint mechanism.


Indian investigation team could not interrogate the citizens of Pakistan who are in Samjhauta Express arfter the blast fire on it. This is joint mechanism. Dawood and others could not be sent back in India by Pakistan but in the new hope our government sent a sketch of suspected Pakistani citizen of the train blast. This is joint mechanism. In Wollmer case Pakistani Cricketers could be detained but we can’t to this because of joint mechanism.


Sonia Gandhi is making security wall slowly and slowly around herself. Her loyalist Navin Chwla will conduct 2009 general elction as a Chif Election Commissioner. She has made her yes madam as a PM. She deputed her second loyalist Gulam nabi Azad in J&K.


In peace making Nehru gifted Pok now Sonia Gandhi is going to gift remaining J&K to the Pakistan in peace making process.


For getting power in Andhra she shook hands with naxalites. To remain in power in the North East provinces she renounced so many times. Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power in Assam. Congress and Comminists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes.


Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province because there was Christians in the majority ant they are growing continuously by conversion. This is the reason on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi there is a minority minister Antuley in the cabinet of manmohan. She is inventing the ways for making Hindus in the minority.


They are marking the districts villages where Muslims are in majority. Slowly and slowing they want to make situation in whole India as Nagaland.


They want to count religious heads in the army. But Army Chief n is now allowing kaurvas to do this. LeT and ISI men are in the army. Soldiers, security forces are making suicide. Indian musharrafs are not making protest but attacking them.



By Premendra Agrawal