Bandhan Tute Na: Indonesian President who named his grandson Sri Narendra, Now Visited India

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo, is in Delhi on a two-day visit to the country. In this historical visit the handshaking between the two great leaders PM Narendra Modi and Indonesian President Joko Widodo remind me my article of March 16, 2016 titled:

Indonesian President named his grandson Sri Narendra


* Joint statement outlines agenda of defence security & cooperation,combating terrorism, organised crime & human trafficking: PM Modi
* Indonesia is our most important partner as part of the Act East policy. We have shared economic and strategic interests: PM Modi
* India and Indonesia share same values, our nations and societies have nurtured strong bonds of business & culture: PM Modi
* PM Narendra Modi and Indonesian President Joko Widodo to issue joint statement


Profile Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Oldest child Jokowi

Youtube: Inilah ARTI NAMA Jan Ethes Sri Narendra Cucu Pertama Jokowi


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