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By - Premendra Agrawal



Assassination of Benazir Bhutto again left a question before the people of Pakistan and India: What did they get from the partition of undivided India? How can they survive now as peace loving neighbors? This assassination also hides many facts, realities and possibilities which should be the subject of historians, politicians and analysts.



Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated

First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on October 16, 1951 when he was addressing a gathering of 100,000 at Company Bagh (later renamed Liaquat Bagh) in Rawalpindi.

Benazir Bhutto is also assassinated in Liaquat Bagh where Benazir Bhutto first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto is shot dead.

Updated: Video Links
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Benazir Bhutto Last Moments before her Assassination

Source: CNN, GEO TV, ABC, Aljazeera


Hindu relatives of Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto

Hindu relatives of Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto are still in Gujarat. Jinnah and Phioze Khan (father in law of Sonia Gandhi) were also belonging to Gujarat. Is there any lesson from the victory of BJP in Gujarat?

Please find following details in the article titled ‘Inter Caste Marriages vs. Inter Religion or Racial Marriages'

Jinnah himself was of converted Hindu family



Jinnah himself was from a family who were converted Hindus. Jinnah's wife's family (Ruttie) was strong Indian nationalists. They along with Ruttie were from the Parsi community who strongly opposed the idea of partition of India. Jinnah's wife Ruttie passed away long before the partition. They opposed the marriage of Jinnah and Ruttie. Jinnah married his best friend’s daughter; he used to regularly visit their house to play bridge. He married Ruttie when she was 16 years old and his best friend (Ruttie's father) felt betrayed and never forgave him.

Though Jinnah married a Parsi and converted her to Islam, he was upset when Dinah his daughter married an Indian businessman Mr. Wadia. Dinah Wadia is now settled in New York and thinks the partition as not a good idea (maybe because of the present state of Pakistan).


Liaquat Ali Khan's wife was not a Muslim

Assassinated first PM of Pakistan was Liyakat Ali Khan. Her grandfather a Hindu Brahmin (Pants) converted to Christianity. When Rennee Pant married Khan she had to become a Muslim and was loyal to Pakistan while her brothers and other family members stayed back in India.

Aziz Munshi, Mr. Chunrigar's family (belonging to Hindu Gujarati high caste) is still in India.

Liaquat Ali Khan and Jinnah converted their wives into Islam. Did Hindu oppose marriage of Indira Gandhi with Phiroze? Did they oppose marriage of Rajiv Gandhi with Christian Sonia? Would Hindu force Phiroze and Sonia for converting themselves in Hindu religion? 

Benazir Bhutto.s grandmother was a Hindu

Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto's mother was a Hindu who was converted to Islam. Benzair Hindu relatives from her paternal grandmother's side are still in India (Jamnagar).


Can we know our forefathers? Why Riots and terrorism?

There is too much on the public domain and in my past articles about the controversial Gandhi dynasty. From where ‘Gandhi’ surname was brought, God knows. Sonia Gandhi is Christian. What is the religion of Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul said in election campaign that his ‘Nanihal’ is Gujart. Native place of Phiroz, husband of Indira Gandhi was Gujarat.

Who has right to defame defamed dynasty?



There was Shimla Agreement signed by Julfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi which is kept in the cold storage by Pakistani rulers? Was Shimla agreement a Himlayan blunder? Pakistan sponsored Terrorism came after this started by juntas of Pakistan.

Just after Gujarat BJP’s victory in Himachal Pradesh gives message which should can be heard and read if we are not dumb and blind.

The above facts with other facts give few messages.  


There is a dance of terrorism with the ghost of ‘Two nation Theory’

Birth of Bangladesh, Buried the two nation theory. Why Shia-Sunni fight in Iraq? Could tie of Islam stop Sunni Baloch to fight with Sunni led Pak army?

Shia-Sunni Clash in Lucknow and Two nation Theory

There is no end of bloodbath under the Military and ISI controlled dictatorial fake democracy of Pakistan. Who sing song of fake secularism and vote bank politics in India?


Liaquat baugh in 1973 and Jalianwala bagh

On March 23, 1973, the Federal Security Force, a paramilitary force under the alleged orders of Bhutto, attacked a public opposition rally at the Liaquat Bagh in the town of Rawalpindi and killed a dozen people; many more were wounded by their automatic gunfire. Wali Khan narrowly escaped a bullet during the attack. Wali Khan Leader of Baluchistan was the son of Gandhi of ‘Red Shirt’


Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun are India’s Genuine Friends

Bhutto was Sindhi Muslim

Jinnah fulfilled his demand of the Partition of India on the basis of his two-nation theory that the Hindus and the Muslims could not live together in the same nation. Jinnah's two-nation theory was supported by the Punjabi, Bengali and Sindhi Muslims, but not by the Pashtuns and the Balochs. The Pashtuns led by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan in ‘Lal Kurta (Red shirt), who came to be known as the Frontier Gandhi, and the Balochs led by their tribal sardars, strongly opposed the policies of Jinnah and supported Gandhi. , he was also known as Badshah Khan (also Bacha Khan, Urdu, Pashto: lit., "King of Chiefs"), and Sarhaddi Gandhi (Urdu: lit., "Frontier Gandhi"). In 1987 he became the first non-citizen to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.

He was the father of late Wali Khan.

US Anticipating fall of Mush: Divide Pakistan- ads in CNN


Khan Abdul Wali Khan Pashto:

(January 11, 1917 – January 26, 2006) was a Pashtun freedom fighter against the British Raj, a senior politician in Pakistan and a writer.

His early years were marked by his involvement in his father’s non-violent resistance movement, the "red shirts" against the British Raj.

In his late teens he became active in the Indian National Congress. After the formation of Pakistan, Khan became a controversial figure in Pakistani politics, he was referred to as both a hero and traitor in Pakistan during his political career because of his association to the Congress!

Mahatma Gandhi said that partition would be on his death body.

Find details at the sub-title ‘Partiion: Gandhi vs Nehru’ of the article titled: Is Gandhi gram-Swaraj in Nandigram?

Last wish of Mahatma Gandhi was to abolish Congress which could not be fulfilled still by power grabber greedy dynasty and its blind followers.

Mahatma Gandhi and Frontier Gandhi of ‘Red shirt’ never supported the partition of India. Are present Gandhis the followers of above said both Gandhis? Are present Gandhi-s heirs of these Gandhis?

Nehru and Jinnah accepted partition to rule India and Pakistan respectively. Both are not here and there. Are followers of both happy and living prosperous and peaceful livings?















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