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Sanjay got bail for Daughter Trishala Dutt


By premendra Agrawal

My daughter studies in New York . I need some time for arranging her education-- Dutt said in the’ TADA Cour . Don’t play dirty politics with Sanju Baba and Rahul Mahajan to defame M K Gandhi and BJP.


They are modern youths. “They are moving right and left and stepping up and down to find the destination. Many saw Sanjay Dutt with Rahul Mahajan when his father Pramod Mahajan was hospitalized.



Lalugiri and Gandhigiri

Lalu Yadav has started to comment on cricket. He became judge on Chappel. He wants to be Prime Minister to take ‘lathi’ of 10 Janpath Gandhi (not of Mahatma Gandhi). He became an intelligent joker. Bihar is a ‘ Failed State ’. So Lalu and now Neetish of Bihar’s Heros are the brand ambassadors of IIMs. This should be called Gandhi to Gandhigiri.


Brand ambassadors Biger than Big B

While the Mahatma’s philosophy worked its magic on the fate of ‘Lagey Raho Munnabhai’, the advertising arena wasn’t left untouched either. In the Effies 2006 case study presentation round, Lowe explained how Gandhi took on the form of Little Gandhi to mark a shift in strategy for soap brand Lifebuoy.

A Patna-based company had launched "Lalu Khaini" (tobacco) in 2004, which was a hit. In 2005, Speedage Corp. introduced "Laluji" dolls that became popular with kids. In 2006, Lalu ka Khzana, a chocolate produced by New Delhi-based Chetak company, became very popular with kids in rural areas of north Bihar districts like Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi and Madhubani. The wrapper of the chocolate packet depicted two different caricatures of Lalu — one as a politician and the other as a magician. More than 100,000 packets were reportedly sold.


Cheap soap for poor people’ and ‘Garibi Hatao’ programs of Congress

In 2004, Lifebuoy’s product offering was revamped with contemporary packaging and an upmarket look. While that went down well with existing users, new users were still elusive; they continued to perceive the product as a ‘cheap soap for poor people’. That perception had to be changed without alienate the Lifebuoy loyalists. The objective was to launch a campaign that helped the soap shed its old-fashioned image and gain an entry into two million urban households.


Brand ambassador of Congress is ‘Garibi Hatao’. It means Garib Mitao (Fineshed poors), Congress lao”. We see this in the suicides of farmers, soldiers and others. This slogan is with minor ‘hera feri’ is still continuing since Indira Gandhi. Finance Minister has already said that he took every step to control the raising prises but could not be succeed. And there is no hope to be success.


Gandhigiri of half-shaven moustache

In stark contrast to stressed army personnel shooting their colleagues in Jammu and Kashmir , a Central Reserve Police Officer (CRPF) has chosen satyagraha, a half-shaven moustache and one meal-a-day to register his non-violent protest.


If this type of trend will continure in the name of gandhigiri then definitely most of seculars will be called ‘Aadhi Moonchh wale (persons of half half moustaches). What you think when 10 Janpath loyalists follow Sonia Gandhi?


Sanju’s two quotes:

“I was never involved in any act of terrorism. Eventually the truth will prevail.”

“Tough guys don't cry. But whenever I think of Trishala, I break down.”


Sanjay and her daughter

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt from his first wife Richa Sharma was recently in India and she said some thing about her career and her dad Sanjay Dutt in an interview.
Trishala on Her Career
Trishala Dutt is not interested in the Bollywood. She is doing much well off in Hollywood , as she has got a few offers but had to make a choice. Either sacrifices her entire life and prays the film does well. Or, she finishes school and gets a degree in something solid, so just in case, she has something to fall back on. She Choses College over those films releasing now thSAat she could have been in.
On Dad Sanjay Dutt:
She has a very strong relationship with her father according to her. Most people think Sanjay and her daughter aren’t very close but they’re wrong. Just because she don’t see him everyday doesn’t mean she and her father Sanjay aren’t close. She talks to his father, every three days? Sanjay Dutt has a very loving and very giving heart as she explained. He loves to see other people happy. He’d rather someone else enjoy something than himself enjoying it. He may not express it, but it’s there.


Sanjay Dutt is a ‘munna’ as ‘Half Ticket’but tall highted

He may be called a like Gandhi of 10 janpath. He is now 45, a mature young man but act and behaves like a loving boy of Bollywood. He used ‘gandhigiri’ in ‘Lage raho munna bhai’.  Actor Dilip Kumar rightly said in Aaj taak that he is ‘munna’ not ‘bhai’. Realy he is still a loving boy and a top most hero. He is still ‘munna’ for Dillip Kumar, a friend of late Sunil Dutt. But for others Sanju may be ‘munna’ as late kislhore kumar in the ‘half Ticket’.


Gandhi had no A K 47

He was a ‘Khalnayak’ when he might be talked with Abu Salems. It was Sanju's past of AK-47. The special TADA court in Mumbai has declared again and again that he is not terrorist. He should not be called terrorist. The Court held him guilty under the Arms Act for possession of illegal weapons only. Mahatma Gandhi never kept AK-47 rifles. So don’t call him. Define him in a different way. Now we should respect the court verdict. Every one wants to see him free.


Westernized culture of Youths

As reported by a bollywood news paper, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is set to give a bear hug to his co-star 'Circuit' alias Arshad Warsi at his home this evening, as the TADA court has finally granted the actor bail till December 19. As an actor he has liberty to do this to be relaxed. Rahul Mahajan would may be done this in Safdarjung, Delhi . Many look these events the sign of Westernized bad culture. In India it may be called Gandhi to gandhigiri.  Mahatma Gandhi was against the alcohol culture.


Personal Profile (Personal Biography)
Nick Name:  Sanju Baba
Date of Birth (Birthday):   29 July, 1959
Zodiac Sign:  Leo
Height:  6' 1
Eye Color:  Black
Hair Color:  Black
Birth Place:   India
Religion:  Hindu
Marital Status:  Married
Languages:  Hindi, English
Contact Address:   58 Smt. Nargis Dutt Road , Palli Hill, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050


Family Background
Mother's Name:  Nargis Dutt
Sister(s):  Priya Dutt, Namrata Guarav
Spouse:  Rhea Dutt
Ex-Spouse:  Richa Dutt
Daughter:  Trishala Dutt

Favourite Dish/ Recipes:  Tandoori Chicken, Chinese Food
Favourite Actress:  Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta
Likes:  exercising, horse riding, collecting various sunglasses


Nation is happy to hear the TADA court verdict on Sanjay Dutt. ‘Ishwar bless him. We wish for his happy long life devoting to the ‘Matribhoomi’ India .



By Premendra Agrawal