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  Heir of converted Hindu King crushed Hindus: Malaysia
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By - Premendra Agrawal


Tags: Thechhattishgarh Raipur Clone of Malaysia Culture Converted Hindu Tolerant faith Mother of secularism Convert to Islam King Srivijay Iqbal Jinnah A Q Khan Bhutto Shankaracharya Conversion Imported Exported Love Videshi bahu; tag this published a crime of Raipur titled ‘Brother wounded brother by sword’. Muslim majority of Malaysia is the heir of converted Last Hindu Srivijayan king of Malaysia. Now these Big Brothers crush their younger brothers Hindus.



Malaysia Culture

Malaysia is a multicultural society. The Malays Muslims are the largest community, numbering 60% of the population. The Chinese comprise of about a quarter of the population, are mostly Buddhists, Taoists or Christian. The Indians account for about 10% of the population, are mainly Hindu Tamils from southern India, speaking Tamil, Malayalam, and some Hindi, and live mainly in the larger towns on the west coast of the peninsula. There is also a sizeable Sikh community.


Does tolerant should be to ruin of self culture and religion?

Right views of Tarun Vijay in TOI –‘Intolerant Malaysia, tolerant faith?’: When it's a question of Hindus getting unfair treatment in a Muslim majority region, the 'civil, sophisticated and articulate' Muslim intellectuals take refuge in the statement that it's a matter concerning a foreign country. But when it's a question regarding a cartoon or a fatwa for beheading a writer, they say -we are a global Ummah, anything happening anywhere to Muslims is our common concern! All big lies and a bigger hypocrisy traded in the name of a religion.


Why Indian Government a clone of brutal Malaysian Govt.

Indian Govt. acted promptly on dargah which was being demolished in Vadodara f or widening roads. After that more than hundred Hindu temples are demolished in Mumbai without any hurdle. Govt. is silent over the demolition of the famous Krishna temple in Moscow and a century- old Hindu temples in Malaysia. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh called up the Denmark Prime Minister to object to the publication of the offensive cartoon caricaturing the Prophet.

Indian Govt ruins Hinduism


Last king of Srivijay convert to Islam

The Srivijayan kingdom of Sumatra (200s – 1400s A.D.) was instrumental in bringing Hinduism to Indonesia and promoting it throughout the neighboring areas. King Rajendra Chola navy attacked and conquered the kingdom of another Hindu king Srivijaya. There was no permanent territorial gain and the kingdom was returned to the Srivijaya king for recognition of Chola superiority and the payment of periodic tributes. Due to this defeat last king of Srivijay convert to Islam, and founded the Sultanate of Malacca on the Malay Peninsula.


Iqbal’s ancestors were Kashmiri Brahmin

Iqbal was born in the Punjab on February 22, 1873. His ancestors, who were Kashmiri Brahmins, had embraced Islam. Some of Iqbal’s cousins (name Sapru) were not converted and stayed back in India.


One time Iqbal sang "sare jahan se accha hindustan hamara," after that to shake hands with Jinna he became fundamentalist and he wrote "Tarana-e Milli" which says "Muslim hain ham watan hai saara jahan hamara, Chin-o Arab hamara, Hindustan hamara, Teghon ke saye mein ham pal kar jawan hue hain, Khanjar halal ka hai qaumi nishaan hamara".

Sept 25, 2006: A Q Khan Laden LeT Mush - In the Line of Fire

Jinnah himself was of converted Hindu family



Jinnah himself was from a family who were converted Hindus. Jinnah's wife's family (Ruttie) was strong Indian nationalists. Jinnah married Ruttie when she was 16 years old and his best friend (Ruttie's father) felt betrayed and never forgave him.



Though Jinnah married a Parsi and converted her to Islam, he was upset when Dinah his daughter married an Indian businessman Mr. Wadia. Dinah Wadia is now settled in New York and thinks the partition as not a good idea (maybe because of the present state of Pakistan).


Liaquat Ali Khan's wife was not a Muslim

Her grandfather a Hindu Brahmin (Pants) converted to Christianity.


A Q Khan

A Q Khan was in Bhopal up to 1952. He became enemy of India to migrate Pak and became Nuke villain.


Benazir Bhutto.s grandmother was a Hindu

Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto's mother was a Hindu who was converted to Islam. Benzair Hindu relatives from her paternal grandmother's side are still in India (Jamnagar).

Can we know our forefathers? Why Riots and terrorism?

Here in India, there is a renowned editor. The name of his grandfather’s is Prayagnath.

Inter Caste Marriages vs. Inter Religion or Racial Marriages


Hinduism a mother of secularism

These two ancient Sanskrit epics of India exerted a profound impact upon the cultures of South East Asia and have played no small role in the indianization of the major portion of that region. Out of ASEAN TEN at least seven nations Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have received the influence of Hindu culture since the early days of Indianaization.

Lack of sectarianism is the essence of Hinduism and the Bharatiya culture. And it is this quality that enabled it to spread its influence peacefully to countries near and far. World can’t find any example of using the sward or other type of fraud in the process of the indianization.

Is India governed by Talibani dynasty to ruin Ram Sethu as Buddha- Statue?


Threat to Puri Shakaracharya for Conversion

Few Britshers came here and made slaves to fighting each other Hindu Muslim Kings. Italian origin, queen of Congress reminds us British policy of ‘divide and rule’. Christian Missionaries are doing the conversion of Hindus in fraudulent way of non violent which is said by Congress Gandhigiri. Islamic jihadists do this in J & K specially on gun point..Threat to Puri Shakracharya for conversion is the example of this.  


Who imported videshi bahus?

Citizens of South Indian Countries asked us, “Are you Hindustani? Are Hindus still in India? No, Hindus are not in India! There are Anti-Hindus with Hindu names and Hindu make-up to deceive Hindus to encourage conversion, terrorism, Naxal-Maoism, Separatism and infiltrations.

Pandvas people of India accepted defeat in the democratic dice game played by fake fraudulent secular Shakunis on behalf of Adharmi Congress and communists. Where is Gandiv? Where is Sudarshan Chakra? Where is sword of Shivaji? Why can tribal rishis saints of Bastar Jharkhand not live peaceful life? Why is dance of demons Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Why should Budhia and Niskam children of Maharana Pratap eat bread-roti of grass?

Why videshi roti to import poisonous wheat?

Who imported videshi bahus?

Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HC


Coming back of Dhak Dhak exported love

Dhak Dhak should not accept Cheerharan on the hands of cultural culprit MF Hussain who painted nude paining of Bharatmata and deities. Madhuri Fida Husain has done it again! Living a life of exile in Dubai, Husain spends his time painting and meeting friends. "Yes, I have booked the entire Lamcy Cinema in Dubai for a preview of Aaja Nach Le ," said the exiled artist.

Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma














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