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By - Premendra Agrawal



THE OFFICE ROMANCE Playing with Fire Without Getting Burned’, is a book.  Office romance is flourishing, in business places as well as in politics. -- Land of the office romance at the company’s office or party’s office, the territory that strikes fear into the hearts of executives. Go there and you risk your reputation, your job, your career. All the red lights are flashing: Warning! But is this place really so dangerous?



As per a report on 'Romance at Workplace' by Team lease Services, India's leading staffing company, at least 56 per cent of the respondents felt there was a negative impact on quality and speed of work due to romantic liaisons at offices.


It is just not the single, who were ready to mingle, even married men and women were getting involved to a considerable extent, the report revealed.

At least one-third (34 per cent) of the working executives in the corporate sector saw no harm in romancing married colleagues, the survey conducted by global research firm Synovate for Teamlease, said.

A large number of working executives (59 per cent) felt women were equal partners in office romances with many even initiating affairs, the survey said.

A high number of executives (56 per cent) were clear on the issue that organisations should not interfere in romantic involvement between employees.

Overall, 16 per cent of those polled admitted to have been romantically involved with their office colleagues.

The survey comprised respondents belonging to top 500 companies in India. The questionnaires were administered to employees in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

Is playing romance really so dangerous?

Work, after all, is the place where many people spend more than a third of their lives, and it's possibly one of the best places where employees can find a potential mate who shares similar life goals and attitudes.

Southwest Airlines thinks not. The airline has about 1,000 married couples on its rolls and gives an annual "Love Award" recognizing the contribution that one special couple makes to the company.

But as romantic as that sounds for someone who's looking for love, dating in the workplace poses many problems for business owners. That’s why many businesses have rules against office romances; some even have rules against hiring married couples.

Suggested rules of the road for work and love:

1. Go ahead: Dive right in

2. Keep it discreet - but don't be secretive.

3. Don't cheat. Just don't.

4. And remember: The forbidden fruit is always the most tempting.

Forty-three percent of workers in the United States say they've dated a fellow employee; of those, 34 percent reported getting hitched, according to a 2006 survey on office romance by



H. Vishwanath’s book Halli Hakki Haadu (A Village Bird’s Song).

Vishwanath, a member of the former chief minister’s cabinet and counted among his “loyalists”, apparently believes he has done no harm to his former boss. But a “passing” reference to the actress has handed Krishna’s detractors what they were looking for.

According to excerpts carried in a Bangalore paper today, Krishna had asked Vishwanath what “people” would “think” if Saroja Devi was given a ticket from Mandya, his political turf, in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.

Vishwanath had replied: “Sir, people know what happened between you and the star when you were young. They say Krishna won’t forget his old number and will definitely give her a ticket.”

Krishna was said to have laughed and said: “We should not forget old numbers. It is a sin.”


Freedom of Expression in various faces

Vociferous Gndhigiri-supporters of former Congress CM of Karnataka and presently governor of the Mahararashtra S M Krishna stalled the release of Halli Hakkiya Haadu, an autobiography of former minister H Vishwanath, here on Jan 18, 2008...

Other faces of these fake seculars: Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma

In Western Countries in and high ranking celebrities and politicians these incidents are common:Did Bush touch Ass of Actress Teri Hatchr?

Bush denied that he ever gave Teri Hatcher a little love tap on the rump and calling the infamous footage - a fraud. Hatcher was in the Presidents Leadership Forum What Glass Ceiling?

Recall the romances of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Jack Welch and Suzy Wetlauferl.


In India in the name of freedom and secularism, these westernized dignitaries become the ideals:

Nishabd and Batuknath Chaudhary are the products of that culture, as discussed in the following: Mere aangane me, tumhara kya kaam hai: Bush Big B Batuk Congress and Nishabd

Congress talk of Indian Culture is a joke. But Bachchan learnt western culture from Nehru family. Did Bush touch Ass of Actress Teri Hatchr?

No ban on Rave Parties and terrorists websites

All Madhumitas kavitas should be alive. Did high profiles rape in Amethi? Rajmohan Gandhi removed the burqa of Mahatma with the hands of Sonia. Now there is a time to burn the burqa of other. Let’s burn the burqa of Sexy leaders: Womanhood is not commodity

'Drunk' Congress MP caught with women in the guesthouse” , is the news of to day. Why did Atma Singh Gill show this culture of Congress before the event of Oct 2 in UNO. Video Catch: ‘Drunk’ Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in train: O


Congress and Left honeymoon

Come on Bolly-Hollywood. Get this Jumbo Romance blockbuster on the big screen. Elephant drew its rani (queen) from Olympic Circus of Raniganj W B to follow Congress Left romance. Elephant couple did romance in the pond as reported in TOI. Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance


Gandharv Marriage

Are gandharv marriage between “Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt” “Sakozy and Bruni” and “Left-Congress-Third Front” knots unbreakable as fevicol ad? Gandharv Marriage in Bollywood and Politics


Italian romance of Sarkozy and Rajiv

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and late Rajiv Gandhi acted in their lives as Romeo and Juliet. Both fell in the love of Italian origin beauties. French President himself has said that he is going to marry with his girl friend Bruni. Bruni is Italian origin as Sonia Gandhi. This may be one of other reasons for inviting Bruni indirectly through Sarkozy. Sonia led Congress led UPA has missed the golden chance now. Italian Romance of French President and Rajiv Gandhi

You may find also the details of Ex-Waitress wives of two youngest PMs: Stanislav Gross Czech Prime Minister and Rajiv Gandhi at: Ex-Waitress-Wives of two youngest Prime Ministers: Video of Oct 2


Effect of ‘Euroindoasian’ race on Pt Nehru

Nehru’s youngest sister Krishna Nehru Hutheesing said that Pt Nehru was westerner cultured little dictator.  The CIA documents painted Nehru as a naïve and romantic statesman. Did Nehru unsuccessfully try to create ‘Euroindoasian’? His love affairs with Lady Mountbatten were known to Lord Mountbatten and his daughter. Shilpa’s fight against Racism has still not finished. Tushar says Brahman Killed Gandhi! Did whole Brahman community or Pt Nehru kill Gandhi? Why patent of Gandhi by Congress as Neem Turmeric by USA.

CIA on Romantic Nehru


What do Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi tired in romance with foreign girls. Kareena Aish Clina Katrinal may be failed being Indians. Sonia leads after Rajiv. Spanish Veronika would dream to be PM. Rahul Gandhi in Gandhigiri to marry

Should other brides or grooms follow Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty?

As per BBC survey UK’s Indians want to marry with Indians.

Inter caste marriages should be encourages to boycott marriages among religions and races.














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