Poem: Saddam’s last words & Noida’s Killers  


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Cruels Listen to Saddam

Called Iraqees not to hate

You will be blind mindless

Can't be fair due to hate



Oh! Satish Serial Killer

Oh! Mahinder bucher!!

You didn’t consider age

Why killed in that stage



Oh! Buchers Serial killers!

I have found your knives

To keep on your throats

Using as you used knives



You can’t know killing pain

Never feelling and knowing

Blood of lyes in your veins

Face panic truth of killin



I have to cut your throats

You will see skin in blood

I will move to cut throats

See as you saw my blood



You raped me of my soul

With Your foul smell hate

Yur sex was my affliction

My tears on you as bullet



Like me r children prayed

I bind your feet, don’t walk

Mercy was not your heart

I lock your jaw, don’t talk



You made children cold

All Lives run out of soul

Their eyes, you closed

Chilren lives out of soul



Chilren parents awake

Kidnappeds are killed

Parents sad eyes in sky

Killers home they filled



Oh! Satish Serial Killer

Oh! Mahinder bucher!!

Like you a killer Listen!

Poem of him in prison!!

There is a Serial Killer in prison.
He keeps his victims in a hole and isolates them.
He transports them around on leashes and chains.
He uses shock shields and stun guns on them.
He uses pepper spray too.
He is often known to Four Point them and shackles them.
He drugs them.
He targets minorities and the poor.
They are usually defenseless.
He is his own judge and jury.
He knows in the end his plan will lead to death.


Mystery in Noida

There is disturbing news coming in from Noida. The skeletal remains of several children were found buried in sacks outside a house in Noida's sector 31. More than 38 children had been reported missing in this area in the past two years.

Noida police discovered sackful of bodies mainly containing the skulls of 19 children aged between 3-15 years. The children had been missing for a year.


Satish and Maninder Singh have been arrested in this regard. Butcher knives have been discovered along with other arms and ammunitions.


Hundreds of people, including parents of the children who have gone missing from the area, gathered outside the house in Sector 31 of this township as news of police finding skeletons of missing children spread.

As excavators were put on the job to scour a `nallah' outside D-5, Sector 31, where police found skeletons and clothes of children allegedly killed by Satish alias Surinder who worked as a domestic help in the house, anxious parents of some missing kids reached the spot bracing themselves for bad news.

Ram Kishan, father of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy Harsh, who went missing 11 months ago, was among the large crowd that gathered outside the house.

"My son was out playing on this very road when he went missing. I am scared for him now," he said.

Police claimed Satish confessed to having killed five children and a grown-up girl after sexually abusing them.

They also said ten children were reported missing from the same area in the last one year.

Another woman, in tears, said her daughter had gone missing from the area three months ago.

Inconsolable, she could barely talk, not giving her name or her daughter's name. And when asked how old was her daughter, she could barely manage, "she was small."

Sunil, father of a ten-year-old girl who went missing in April this year in the locality, said she was last seen near the address in question.

He complained that police had taken his complaint casually, not registering an FIR and telling him that his daughter will come back on her own.

Says Poonam of Nithari, mother of a missing child, Harsh: "You go to the police station and they tell you to go to the Nithari police post. Policemen there say, ‘You give birth to children and they become our headache. They run away and you come to us'."

A woman, whose son is missing, slapped a sub-inspector, saying, Tumhari vajah se hamare bachche mare hain. Tum to report bhi darj nahin karte unke khone ki. Ab batao in haddiyon mein kaun sa mera beta hai . (Our children have died because of you. You didn't even file a report. Now tell me where is my son in these bones.). She then collapsed, weeping bitterly.


Noida police chief R K S Rathor said the breakthrough came when they took in Subhash for questioning after a 26-year-old woman, Payal, disappeared recently. Subhash was found to be in possession of Payal's mobile phone. The cops then stumbled on the bizarre serial murders.

The villagers had been suspicious about the men in the house and often complained to the police. The drain behind Kohli's house had been giving out a foul stench for months.

When the cops were called in to investigate, they laughed off the suspicion that there could be human bodies in the drain. One reportedly even found a bone but leftwsaying it was of some animal.



By Premendra Agrawal