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India warns US of move to revive Khalistan through Sikh caucus: While Indian officials acknowledge that many of the Sikh grievances are legitimate; they say the issues are being used as a cover for potentially reinvigorating the Khalistan movement. Although no mention was made of Khalistan at the launch of the caucus, some prime movers behind the caucus did not hide their pro-Khalistani affiliation. Here we may endorse our Indian Government’s view.

Question arises what is Congress led UPA Govt doing to balm on the wounds of Anti-Sikh Riots 1984 victims? What is the CBI role in bailing out of the Tyler and acquittal of Sajjan Kumar? Majority of Sikhs are against the Congress Party. ManishTiwari of Trinity, Coalgar Ashwani Kumar, railgatePawan Bansal of Punjab are loyalists of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. What are they doing to satisfy the anger of Sikhs. Government should think on this angle also. What can trio Manish Tiwari of Trinity, Ashwani of Coalgate and Pawan of Railgate say on the matter of corruption and justice to the 1984 riots victims?

Who made Bhindarwala for vote bank politics? Indira Gandhi could be saved if vote bank politics would not played in the Punjab by Congress: “If we could know the conspirators of mysterious death of Netaji Subhash chandra Bose then Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji would have been saved. If we could know the conspirators of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee then life of Lal Bahadur would have been saved..”


This is the old history of Congress to encourage terrorists, insurgents, separatists and violent armed groups and individuals for taking help in the election and later went against them. Because of this country pained to see the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi in the starting encouraged Bhinderwala and later ordered army to enter Golden Temple. Rajiv Gandhi in the starting supported LITTE and latter foolishly Indian troops were sent to Sri Lanka in 1987. Why did Congress Sauda to Sachcha Sauda?


Aghast at the role of pro-Khalistan elements in the launch of a Sikh Congressional Caucus last week, the Indian government has cautioned the Obama administration and US lawmakers who joined the group against helping revive what was a violent separatist affair that has largely faded away.

Indian officials have been briefing US lawmakers about the almost-defunct movement and its bloody history after discovering that the principal movers of the Sikh caucus were Khalistani activists trying to revive separatist sentiments. The Indian effort to sensitize lawmakers to New Delhi’s concerns began even before the launch of the caucus, but much to the Indian embassy’s surprise and dismay, pro-Khalistani Sikhs succeeded in getting the caucus off the ground. In the process, they are said to have sidelined mainstream nationalist Sikhs.

Some 30 US lawmakers, many of them first time legislators not aware of the violent history and background of the Khalistan issue, have signed up for the Sikh Caucus, which is believed to the first ethnic and religion-based caucus on the Hill. But what has distressed New Delhi is that signatories include veteran lawmakers such as Frank Pallone, a New Jersey democrat who has been a long-time friend of India and a leading member of the India Caucus.


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