Fake Encounters: Violent and Non-Violent


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Gujarat Fake encounter was communal because Soharabuddin wanted to be a don of Malwa and Nandigram Fake Encounter was secular. In Gujarat accused communal police officers are sent in jail but in West Bengal neither police nor CPM cadres are charge sheeted because they are secular. Farmers, Soldiers and Security force are forced to make suicides due to the UPA government’s policy. Is it not non-violent fake encounter?


Secular and Communal Police: Congress

Congress spokesperson, Rajya Sabha Member and Supreme Court Advocate Abhishek Singhvi called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. He divided police also in secular and non-secular. Are army and police of J&K are communal?  Is there no rule of Congress and its ally PDP? On the initiation of Government, media has self made rule that news should not be on communal line. Is media or leaders following this? They follow this only to evoke the minority. Sachar Committee and religion based quota are two examples. It is said that communists are atheists. But now they also want quota for Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians as Creamy layers wants OBC quota.


Narendra Modi Vs Mr Q and Bhddhadeb

Cong, Left press for CBI probe in fake encounter case: TOI

There is a CBI enquiry in Noida-Nithari Serial Killings. CBI gave clean chit to Moninder Pandher. Mr. Quattrocchi is involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi besides the Bofors. CBI saved him? Who guided CBI?

CPM his CM Buddhabeb and Congress his Rajshekhar Reddy shielded because they are seculars.


Double role of Sonia-Brinda as newly issued coin of Rs two

Who could dare to say that police and CPM cadres are not involved in the fake encounters of empty hands empty stomach villagers mostly women of Nandigram? Now CPM women leader Brinda karat will show agitation in the front of parliament for Women’s bill? Is CPM not a hidden part of UPA government as Sonia is? Then why do communists devalue the opposition as Manmohan devalues the PM post? They plays double role as Sonia Gandhi plays through the new coin of Rupee Two. In one side of it is Christian cross and another side is our national symbol.


What was and is going on Nandigram? Arms were hided there by CPI (M) cadres with its flags. I recall Tandoor Sharma. He was burning his wife Sahni in the Tandoor. He answered to the police that flags and publicity material of Congress were being burnt!

It is said that CPI (M) cadres killed villagers to hide behind the police of WB.


Is fake encounter of Nandigram not greater than the fake encounter of Gujarat?


Cong demands Modi's narco test. Why should not be of Andhra CM?

Why should not be narco test of the president of Congress and others including Alwa, Bhardwaj and CBI officers who saved Quattrochhi because he was involved in the conspiracy of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi besides the Bofors case? Why should not narco test of Punjab Congress leaders who saved their relative Moninder Pandher? List is long so in the end why should not nacrco test of YSR Rajshekhar Rao, Christian CM of Andhra whose police is also involved in the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin and his wife? If Rajasthan police officer could be charges sheeted in that fake encounter that why should Andhra Police be given clean chit?


Andhra cops in fake encounter too

Sources tell CNN-IBN that Hyderabad police helped accused Gujarat IPS officer Vanjhara in killing Sohrabuddin.

The startling revelation confirms that Andhra police were not just in the know of the encounter plan, they were directly involved in assisting their Gujarat counterparts with logistical and intelligence inpu


Non-Violent fake encounters of farmers, soldiers and the police

Suicide has become alarmingly in India in farmers, soldiers, army commanders, students and the people every field every age without any type of descrimination except politicians. Have you seen smiling white beard and Super flying eagle around death bodies? Suicide is vrime but plicy because of that suicides are being done is not crime. Jailed person has no right to vote but he can be MLA or MP and even Minister and near future a PM.


We are panic because of the fake encounters of Soharabuddin and others. We have right to be anger on the police and the CM Modi. We have right to be more anger on the encounters in J&K. We have also right to be folded hand before the Afzal because he is innocent youth. We have right to forget the sacrifices of those who sacrifices their lives for the sake of J&K and its people. We have also right to forget the sacrifices of security men for saving the parliamentarians. We have such rights because they are paid for doing all sacrifices. There are so many weapons in the hands of fake seculars in so called  democratic ‘Ajibo garib (wonderful)’ Hindustan. Sorry by saying Hindustan because Cabinet Minister and others have allergy with the word “Hindustan’. 


Eat and live in India but sing for foreigners and enemies

Sacrifice for the country is not the job of politicians. This is secularism and vote power politics in the democratic India.

(“Desh se liye aur Jiye hi kaa naam hai desh-seva’; Karoge seva netaji ki toa khaoge mewa’; Desh ke liye marna bhi kyaa hai desh ki seva’; Mohabbat jindabad; Columbian, Matuknath ki Julie aur nishabd ki bhi jindabad’ Aajtak, Star au raise sabhi bhonpu rahen aabad )


Last year suicide of farmers 1400

Total number of suicides is 110 during the February month. Last year alone, over 1400 farmers in the western state of Maharashtra, have been committed suicide. In another story, India’s famous automaker TATAs recently announced their vision of producing a compact car for the Indian market, one costing below $2,200. Several automakers like BMW, Mercedez Benz, GM, Ford are in Indian market already producing thousands of new vehicles everyday. The automakers envision at least one car for every urban household in another 5 years. With the highway system under overhaul, India will soon be bustling with several thousands additional cars every day. Are India’s ancient mode of transpiration - the bullock-carts/carriages vanishing rapidly, a sure of progress?


Does SEZ not allow foreigners for enjoying?

Does SEZ not allow foreigners for enjoying similar to owners on the agricultural land of farmers? A farmer gives job to the emply hands of his whole family due to the farming. But Industry can make unemployed his whole family. We imported wheat and now will import cereals. Are we eat cars and other vehicles. We are blindly copying Western Countries in the pressure of World Bank and other organization.



By Premendra Agrawal