Airtel recently announced the expansion of its Airtel Wi-Fi calling feature to all broadband networks, and not just Airtel’s own Xtreme Broadband for making calls over wireless networks. The feature was first announced by Airtel in the first week of December and had said that the feature was only available to people who would be connected to Airtel’s own broadband service.

Since then, this limitation had acted as a bottleneck in the adoption of the feature. However, with this gone now, demand for Airtel Wi-Fi calling feature has grown and the number of users using the feature already crossing the one million mark.

The move came after Jio in an announcement said it was rolling out the Wi-Fi calling feature to all Jio users irrespective of the broadband provider they subscribe to.

Airtel’s Wi-Fi calling feature promises to enhance indoor voice calling experience for Airtel smartphone customers if they are connected to a broadband connection. It uses Wi-Fi networks to create a dedicated channel for voice calls and allows customers to make telco-grade calls to any network. This, the company claims would dramatically improve the customer experience.

Additionally, there is no extra charge for making calls via Airtel Wi-Fi Calling and customers can get started on Airtel Wi-Fi calling on their smartphone without the need for any additional calling App/ SIM. However, before they can do so, users need to ensure that they possess compatible hardware for the feature.