Samsung has begun 2020 on a high note with its new Lite series of the 2019 flagship phones. The Note 10 Lite is a bliss for those who want a Note device with the S Pen without spending a fortune. A day later, the S10 Lite came up with a faster chipset and a promising camera setup. Both these phones start at prices just shy of Rs 40,000. That’s some serious money you are spending on a phone and you may wonder whether these Samsung phones are better than the segment-leader OnePlus 7T.

The OnePlus 7T has been around for a few months and it has set a benchmark for what premium phones should offer. A high refresh rate display, versatile triple cameras, super fast charging and superlative performance these are some of the things the OnePlus 7T made standard requirements for a sub-Rs 40,000 phone in 2019. Hence, the Galaxy S10 Lite despite carrying Samsung’s legacy has some big shoes to fill.

If you want to spend close to Rs 40,000 on a phone now, is the Galaxy S10 Lite a better choice over the OnePlus 7T? Probably not and there are some very good reasons.