Oppo has screened the world’s first rollable display concept phone Oppo X 2021. The biggest feature of this phone is that just by single touch, its display size changes. The Chinese tech company showcased the Oppo X 2021 during the Inno Day 2020 event. This phone has a 6.7 inch rollable display, whose size can be increased to 7.4 inches. Let us tell you that the company has designed a special 2-in-1 plate, which supports the display when it is small or big.

OPPO Chief 5G Scientist Henry Taing said, “The size of rollable display can be changed according to the requirement as compared to the foldable technology. The company has also included custom made lamination on display for additional protection which will display the display while rolling. However, the fine details and specifications of this concept phone have not been shared by the company.