Till two years ago, devotees had to face trouble to take a dip on Kartik Purnima on the banks of Mahadev Ghat. Due to faith, the ghat was forced to dive in the middle of the dirt. Last year, when Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel arrived to take a dip to observe the Chhattisgarhi tradition for the first time, the ghat was hastily cleaned and pilgrims found it easier to bathe in clean water.

This year too, the Chief Minister will reach Mahadev Ghat to take a holy dip, so the cleanliness system has been started three days in advance. Ghats are being done so that the Chief Minister does not have trouble in bathing. Let it be said that till two years ago there was such a situation on Kartik Purnima that there was no water even at the knee in the ghat. Like how devotees used to take a dip in the virtue. Now there is so much water in the ghat due to bathing of the Chief Minister that it can be drowned in the ghat. The people living on the banks of the Mahadev Ghat are happy and want that every year the Chief Minister comes to take a bath, so that the officers and staff are alert and the ghat Remain clean of

Legislative Assembly MLA Vikas Upadhyay of West Assembly, who has Mahadev Ghat area, has himself cleaned by standing on the bank of the ghat. Also ordered that there should not be any chaos during Chief Minister’s bath. With the arrival of the Chief Minister, the ghat will remain special.