Only those who stay there can enjoy the enjoyment and enjoyment of Saroda Dadar, who has registered his name in the tourist destination of the state. A resort and garden has been built here at Saroda Dadar after spending lakhs of rupees. Its propagation is also being fiercely promoted by the government. Garden and Saroda Dadar natural beauty of this resort of tourism department can be seen. A panoramic view can be seen here in the peak atop the Maikal Mountains. People from nearby areas including Kabirdham district go to see it in large numbers. But they do not get to see and roam around Rosort, while the administration and tourism department is promoting the name of Rosort in which large number of people visit. But do not get to roam in Sarodadadar and have to come back disappointed after going so far. There is resentment in the same people that Rosort Sarodadadar, built in their district, cannot be found roaming. The same district panchayat has opened a hotel for Garkaleva i.e. Chhattisgarh cuisine by the women’s group, but the general public is not able to enjoy it either. The main gate near Rosort has been closed. Due to this, people have to come back disappointed after going so far.