After nine months of the close of the financial year, the subsidy amount of Solar Sujala has been approved. To take advantage of the scheme 1000 beneficiaries have applied, while the state government has got exemption facility for only 700 panels. In such a situation, it is difficult for all the farmers to get the benefit of the facility. Not a single farmer got the benefit of solar panel facility this year due to delayed release of funds.

Solar Sujala is for all classes including Aja, Aja. 2.40 lakh solar panels are installed on depositing a minimum amount of Rs. 10 thousand. Installation of solar panels has not been possible due to the timely release of subsidy amount from the government in the financial year. More than 1000 applications have come to the Agriculture Department under the scheme. Apart from this, 500 applications are pending in the previous year also. The number of pending applications is increasing due to non-set target of setting up the panel according to demand.

Paddy is cultivated in 98 thousand hectares of area in the district. Considering the irrigated area, 32 per cent of the yield land is irrigated, so after the arrival of the Solar Sujala scheme, there has been an increase in the irrigated area for the farmers. The farmers have applied to the Agriculture Department, but due to late acceptance, the farmers have been denied for irrigation facility in the Rabi crop. The panel has been put up this year due to late subsidy amount. Due to low target and high application, farmers will now have to wait for next year.