In the meeting of the district office, discussions were held in the meeting today for archiving for the preservation of tribal rich cultures from all the development blocks of the district with literature writers, poetic writers, patrons of tribal culture and social representatives. It was said in the discussion that in order to preserve the tribal culture, tradition, there is a need to have a meeting regarding social policy in the district level. So that its knowledgeable people can get suggestions. Work will be done in the coming days on the suggestions given by various subject experts in this district level meeting. Books printed in local dialect, books related to tribal culture will be kept at the district and block level for study. To take forward the identity of our culture, new generation will have to be made aware and culture will have to be conserved.

Dantewada district has been carved out as a cultural, different tourist destination and eco-region. This identity should not be limited to some region. Tribal culture is rich in itself. To give information about it, it is necessary to have a medium which tells the culture, festivals, folk-dance, songs, language-dialect, and social traditions of Bastar region. To link the new generation to the rich culture of the district, asked to provide books related to culture in schools and colleges. Besides, fair, public participation in the market is more, cultural propagation work should also be done in these places.

One can experience a different language and language, living and living here. If you want to understand the culture of this region, then you should visit the weekly market here. The meeting was attended by Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Officer-in-Charge, Bastar Development Authority, Mr. Ashish Banerjee, Assistant Commissioner, tribal culture and socially enlightened people. Literature related to tribal culture, poetic writers, patrons of tribal culture and social sector Enlightened people presented their suggestions on archiving for preservation of tribal rich cultures.