Sukma came into existence in the year 1300. The predecessors of the landowners of Sukma, who worked in the region under the then Maharaja of Bastar, originated from Rajasthan. He escaped from Rajasthan to Warangal State in Andhra Pradesh to escape atrocities during the Mughals’ reign in Rajasthan. They reestablished themselves here and began to lead their lives but the curse of bad times did not stop them from worrying even more, they were often subject to the highness of Maratha kings and Peshwas who were separated Taxes and penalties were levied. In order to avoid these atrocities, the predecessors of the zamindars have been passing through various forest areas through Sukma sent from around and started seeking shelter for themselves. One family in this group consisted of a father, mother and their boys, who tried to cross the Shabari River to reach the other bank of the river, but when they were in the middle of the river their boat got stuck in the swirl of the river. She went and an angel appeared to them and asked them to make a sacrifice among them to ensure the safety of the rest. The father readily accepted to offer to sacrifice himself, but his boy contested and said that as you are both healthy you can still have children and so I sacrifice myself by saying Let the boy jump into the river.