Bhupesh Baghel today reached ‘Udaan’ Bihaan Aajeevika Kendra during his two-day stay in Kondagaon district. In this livelihood center located in Chikhalputi, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel encouraged the women who are making strides in various livelihood activities and said that financially empowered women is a symbol of strong Chhattisgarh. Self-sufficient women act to inspire not only the family but also other sections of society. Giving examples, he said that the government is distributing eggs under mid-day meal in Anganwadi and schools. If women take the responsibility of distributing eggs at the local level by following the poultry, then surely we will not need to order eggs from other state. He said that Gothan is being developed as a livelihood center by the government. Due to which all livelihood resources will be operated at one place.

It is noteworthy that 43 women have been associated with activities like bakery biscuits, paper plates, incense sticks, processed coconut oil, spices manufacturing and tikur processing at Chikhalputi Udaan Bihaan Aajeevika Kendra. On the occasion, the Director of the Center, Ms. Hemlata Gajbhiye, apprised the Chief Minister about the various livelihood activities conducted in the Center and Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel interacted with the women of various self-help groups at Udaan Bihan Livelihood Center. During the discussion, the women apprised the Chief Minister Mr. Baghel about the problems related to tree-guard construction, fisheries and asked for their needs.