People of Chhattisgarh are coming forward with a heart to build Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya. So far, about 27 lakh families have donated more than 33 crores. Institutions engaged in donation collection campaign for construction of Shri Ram temple have demanded 30 additional books. Receipt of Rs 100 to Rs 1000 has been called for it.

In Nalihal Chhattisgarh of Lord Shri Ram, a target has been set to reach 51 million and collect 51 million. Chairman of the Fund Surrender Committee Brijlal Goyal has donated the largest amount so far of 51 lakhs. Along with this, donors are donating from 21 lakh to 100 rupees.

Treasurer Dhawal Shah of the Fund Surrender Committee said that the goal of reaching every house from Bastar to Surguja has been fixed. People are donating voluntarily in the campaign started from 15 January. Thousands of people donated not only through the receipt, but also online transfer to the account of Shri Ram Mandir Trust.