Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Minister Smt. Anila Bhendia will be on a stay in Bemetara district on 19 February and will participate in the event including various meetings. Mrs. Bhendia will depart Daundilohara for Bemetra at 10 am on February 19 and review the departmental works at Bemetara at 12 noon. Mrs. Bhendia will attend the meeting of the District Mineral Trust Institute Council at 3 pm. After the meeting, at 4 pm, Mrs. Bhendia will leave for the village of Kathautia in the development block of Nawagarh and will attend the Shrimad Bhagwat program held at 4.30 pm at the residence of Pandaria MLA Mrs. Mamta Chandrakar. From village Kathautia, Mrs. Bhendia will leave for Raipur at 5.30 pm.