A case of cheating of nearly eight lakh rupees has come in the name of admission in the medical college. The thugs cheated that he will get the student’s admission to MBBS in Rims College. The report of this entire case has been lodged at Pandari Police Station. According to the Pandari police station, it has been reported by Babita Sahu, a resident of Swamp Seoni.

He himself transferred the money to the thugs in his account in the name of admission of his daughter Anchal Sahu. The accused against whom the report has been filed include Surendra Kamat, Vidhanand Verma and Vishwajit Shah. The accused approached the student before taking the NEET exam and even after the result.

At the same time, the student’s admission was done in another state’s medical college. However, the victim got caught in the trap of thugs in the fascination of Medical College, Raipur. Pandari police station in-charge Yakub Memon has said in this case that the accused are from nearby Delhi. Police is preparing a strategy for his early arrest.