With the special efforts of Food and Culture Minister Shri Amarjit Bhagat, administrative sanction of Rs 77 crore 91 lakh 38 thousand has been given by Chhattisgarh Road and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited for the construction and upgradation of seven roads in Surguja district. Minister Shri Bhagat informed that instructions have been given to start the construction and upgradation of the said roads at the earliest. He said that the demand for construction of these roads had been going on for a long time. He said that strengthening of electricity, water, roads, education and health system is our top priority in Surguja zone.
Minister Shri Bhagat informed that 8 km road and bridge-bridge from Chalat to Harramar will be constructed at a cost of Rs 12 crore 9 lakh 6 thousand. Similarly, upgradation of Somatrai via Bhusu Gersa road 8.20 km is Rs 7 crore 94 lakh 5 thousand, construction of road 7 km from Darma to Mainpat is 8 crore 5 lakh 72 thousand, construction of 5.70 km from Bisarpani to Supalaga road is Rs 12 crore 69 lakh 34 thousand Chingra Ghantadi Govindpur road length 11 km and construction of bridge-culvert Rs 20 crore 12 lakh 46 thousand, construction of 7 km road including bridge-culvert from Kerju to NH 43 Rs 8 crore 39 lakh 44 thousand and bridge-culvert from Paint to Mainpat Including 6.20 km of roads will be constructed at a cost of 8 crore 61 lakh 35 thousand rupees.