In Bastar district, 6 new revenue boards will be formed. Lamkar and Mundagaon of Bastar tehsil in Bastar district, Mardoom in Lohandiguda tehsil, Bade Killepal in Bastanar tehsil, Neganar in Darbha tehsil and Karanji Revenue Inspector Board in Tokapal tehsil will be formed. This will increase the number of revenue inspector boards in Bastar districts from 14 to 20. The proposal for reorganization of the Board of Revenue Inspectors is available in the Court of Revenue and All Tehsildars, the subdivisional officer of the district. Any person, or organization, in respect of the said proposal, can submit any declaration of objections within 15 days of publication of this proclamation. They can present their claim objection by appearing in the Reader’s Branch of the Collector Office of District Bastar in the court time. No claim objection will be entertained after the expiry of the stipulated period.